Hampta Pass Trek

July 10, 2021


Trekking has always been an addiction for those who love travelling, exploring the mystique of nature. Such true beauty or one can say nature’s fantastic creation is the Hampta Pass. Trekking here is the dream for many trekkers around the world.

Hampta Pass trek can be described as the perfect trekking location for those who have a weakness for mountains, adventures and thrills. The trek is ideal for beginners as well as experts. One would never forget the beauty of this trek throughout his lifetime.

Hampta Pass trek Overview

The Hampta Pass Trek is present at an Altitude of about 14000 ft. in Kullu and Spiti Valley of Himachal Pradesh. For the completion of the Hampta Pass trek it generally requires 5 to 6 days at most.

Although the trek can be explored at any time of the year , the most ideal time for visiting is from June to Mid of October. The difficulty level of the trek is moderate one. Lasthy, the entire trek length is approximately 50km.


Speciality of Hampta Pass trek

Hampta Pass Trek provides you the chance to experience the amazing view of the Pir Panjal Ranges. Here we will be trekking through some of the highest mountain passes. This trek will let you experience the exciting camping nights, beautiful snow clad mountains and valleys, charming alpines and many more.

Equipments required for the Hampta Pass trek:

· Pair of Gloves

· Woolen Hat

· Extra trousers, tracksuits

· Lightweight boots

· Toilet paper

· Trekking sticks

· Water Bottle

· Sun glasses

· Torch, candles

· Lighters

Health and Safety related issues:

Before planning a trek to any mountains or hills, one has to be specially concerned about his/her health. Trekking to high altitude regions could be extremely dangerous to people suffering from health related issues like: Heart patients, Arthritis patients etc. In general the ideal BMI which is considered ideal for trekking in the high altitude treks ranges between 18.5 to 24.9.

Besides this in order keep yourself fit for trekking in the high altitude regions, one has to follow some tips:

  • Keep the Balance: Keeping balance in the sense of mind and body. Keep yourself focused and trained to face the extreme conditions if needed.
  • Exercise: Keep yourself fit by doing exercises. Especially leg and strength cum stamina increasing exercises are proved to be more beneficial for those who trek high altitudes. Also practice breathing exercises to overcome the breathing related problems in those high altitude areas.
  • Healthy diet : Follow a healthy diet to keep the body active. Following improper food items may reduce the stamina and strength of the body which may affect trekking.

Details about the Hampta Pass trek

The trekking will be 5-6 days. The schedule of the trek is discussed below:

Day 1: Reach the Manali camping site

The people from different regions will be arriving first at Manali by various means. They will be taken for sightseeing of the nearby areas of the town. One can visit the hills, valleys, streams present nearby for getting adjustment with the environment. Instructions will be given by the trekking specialists or guides which will be guiding the team throughout the trekking. They will explain the trekking route well in advance. Camping will be at Naggar Village of this town.

Day 2: Jwara camping site

From Manali we will be headed towards Jobri. It will take around 2 hours to reach Jobri. Jobri has an altitude of about 9800 ft. From Jobri we will be trekking to Jwara which is located at Chikka at an altitude of 10000 ft. It will take around 3 hours from Jobri to reach Jwara. The trek is basically a moderate one. One can experience several waterfalls during the trek. The camping for tonight will be at Jwara.


Day 3: Jwara to Balu ka Ghera

After the completion of breakfast, the whole team will be heading for the next spot i.e. Balu Ka Ghera. This trek is also a moderate level one located at an altitude of about 12000 ft. The total trekking distance will be around 8.5km and it will take approximately 6 hours to complete. The trek will be full of river views, open fields, grasslands, valleys and mountain ranges of Pir Panjal. The team will have lunch in the middle of the trek. Finally camping for tonight will be placed at Balu Ka Ghera after reaching there. Everyone can interact with each other, hold bonfires and create beautiful memories. Later the team will have dinner.


Day 4: Balu ka Ghera to Shea Goru

The whole team is excited about today’s trek. The reason behind the excitement is that they will experience the snow covered lanes and mountains. The trekking starts from Balu Ka Ghera early in the morning before sunrise. The trekking length from Balu Ka Ghera to Shea Goru will be around 8 hours. Shea Goru is located at an altitude of about 12000 to 14000 ft. The team will cross the Hampta Pass. Lunch will be taken in the middle of the journey. Finally after reaching Shea Goru, camping will be done at this location for tonight


Day 5: Shea Goru to Chatru

After having breakfast the team will move for the next point, Chattru. It will take around 5 hour to complete the trek. Chatru is located at an altitude of about 11000ft. During the journey, we will come across the majestic Chandratal Lake, which is considered to be one of the most beautiful lakes in Manali. Chandratal is located at an altitude of 4300 m on the Samudra tapu Plateau. There will be rocky paths with the beauty of flowers growing nearby. Lunch will be taken in the middle of the trekking. Finally after reaching Chattru campsite , dinner will be served


Day 6: Return to the base( Manali Campsite)

Today, we will start our trekking back to Manali campsite. It will take around 7 hours to complete the trekking. After reaching Manali campsite in the evening, everyone will have the last dinner together. Next day, everyone will leave the camp and be off for their homes




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