How Apartment Delivery Needs To Realign In The New Normal

July 5, 2021


While apartment living offers amenities to residents, the community managers have a lot to handle. Handling deliveries are among the most daunting challenges because of the sheer number that comes in every day. Things became even more difficult amid the pandemic as delivery volumes bounced unexpectedly. The trend continues in the new normal, with a transition in the shopping habits staying here for good. As online orders grow, so does the influx of daily deliveries in apartments and condos.

It makes sense for the community to gear up for the challenges of high volume and a speedy influx of deliveries. But it is easier said than done as there is a lot more to handle than what appears on the surface. However, a strategic approach and proper planning can help communities address the needs and challenges of the new normal. Before finding ways for apartment deliveries to realign with the current situation, there is a need to understand the challenges. Let us highlight them first.

Apartment delivery challenges in the new normal

The pandemic has affected every aspect of lifestyle, whether for independent homeowners or those living in apartment complexes. The challenges of condo dwellers are more because infection risks are higher when more people are around. Common areas like lifts, lobbies, and corridors can easily breed the virus and increase the threat further. Things get difficult from the delivery perspective too. Here are some challenges to consider:

  • Since there are multiple homes and a large number of residents in apartments, delivery numbers can grow beyond expectations. They can be hard to control by a limited number of people in the management team.
  • The growing foot traffic of delivery people inside the premises is a concern because they can be the bearers of infection. But it is hard to imagine delivering packages to every single home without these people accessing the community.
  • Once delivery people enter the community, it is difficult for the staff to keep track of them. It can be a safety threat for residents with unknown people getting free access into the community.
  • Safety of packages is another top concern as people have all kinds of products delivered to the doorstep. It could be confidential corporate documents, expensive gifts, food, or medicines. The basic need is to keep everything safe from theft and the virus.
  • Package thefts are more than possible despite the best security arrangements. Tracing stolen stuff is difficult in large buildings and multiple blocks. The current surveillance systems may not be enough to track and follow the increased number of deliveries that are a norm in pandemic times.
  • Incoming deliveries can disrupt the workflow of the property management staff constantly. It can hamper the day-to-day operations and even critical responsibilities. Moreover, the community may even have to onboard more people only to manage the flow of deliveries.

You have a fair idea of delivery-related challenges for apartments now, so it becomes vital to find solutions to address them. Here are some ways property managers can reduce them to a minimum.

Dedicated package management services to manage mail

Storage issues aren’t the only concern that comes with the increasing volumes of deliveries in apartment complexes. The risk of thefts and losses also increases when the number of packages increases. It can also lead to more complaints from residents, which is a stress factor for the managerial staff. Investing in dedicated mail management services is a good idea as they cut down the stress related to daily mail duties. The apartment staff will have fewer things to manage, and they can focus on other on-priority tasks that are the need of the hour.

Storage solutions to handle the volumes

The e-commerce surge is here to stay as people find doorstep delivery far safer than retail shopping. Further, the WFH model gives people a lot more time to explore things online and opt for impulse buying. With the growing number of packages landing in multi-home condos, storage solutions are no longer a choice for them. Apartment communities can invest in monitored package rooms, where deliveries can be stored safely till shoppers pick them up. The best part is that they enable contactless pickups as delivery persons can leave the packages in storage, and homeowners can pick them later. There couldn’t be a smarter way to handle bulk volumes and ensure package safety.

Special arrangement for perishable deliveries

Online food ordering and perishable product deliveries are also on a boom in the new normal. With people working from home, cooking is passé and ordering food is the best alternative. Letting delivery personnel in is not a good idea because it increases the risk of infection in the apartment complex. It makes sense to have special storage arrangements for these perishable deliveries to maintain their integrity till they are picked up. Refrigerated locker solutions are the best way to manage these deliveries. They can keep food and other perishable items at optimal temperature, even if residents cannot pick their orders right away.

The burden of property management staff needs to lightened

Package management is only one way to relieve the burden of property management staff. After all, residents cannot expect the staff to spend a good part of the day managing the packages and deliveries overrunning the place. They have much more to handle, from marketing their property to handling turnover and resolving tenant problems. Ideally, residents should bear the responsibility for their package deliveries. They can rely on storage solutions and pick their stuff from the lockers according to their convenience. Communities can install video intercoms that allow members to see who is at the entrance and remotely unlock their doors. Properties can save time, money, and stress without compromising security.

Managing apartment deliveries in the new normal seems like a lot of work. But property managers can do it easily with the right approach. It is vital to understand that numbers will only grow in the foreseeable future, so there is no choice but to get ready. These steps can help managers do their bit.


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