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How Should Children Use A Bidet Seat


                                                                                                                                    If you think getting an adult to try a bidet seat can be a hassle, imagine getting your stubborn child to sit and spray. While it can be tricky, it is doable and your child ( and you) will ultimately benefit from a better, more convenient clean. Follow this process and break the whole house away from toilet paper. Give your kid the confidence to switch by:

Starting Young

Starting your child on a bidet is the easiest way to avoid unfamiliarity, but if you are a little late to the game it won’t be the end of the world. Start having your child sit on a bidet from a potty training age to make bidets their primary and preferred cleaning method. They will absolutely still need to learn the TP method for bathroom visits outside the home, but you will avoid a massive headache if they will take to a bidet toilet seat young.

Turn Down The Pressure

Children are sensitive and some bidet pressure settings can be pretty intense, so be sure to start at a low enough pressure to make your kid feel comfortable. You can always adjust the pressure in small increments to show your child what level is needed to get a good clean. While doing this, ensure that you are listening to your child and stop increasing when they ask, otherwise they may be hesitant to ever get back on.

Show Off The Features

Depending on your kid’s age, they may be intrigued by a seat that lets you control water and seat temperature, the raise and lower features, and other cool functions that your seat possesses. They will need to be warned of any “surprising features” but letting them get acquainted with the remote or controls will enhance their comfortability.

Adjust The Position

If you think a little too much pressure will send a kid running, try accidentally spraying water up to their back. Avoid the mess (emotionally and literally) by adjusting the spray nozzle to fit your child before their wash.


Getting your child to feel comfortable and confident on their bidet toilet seat will be tough, but not impossible. Find the method that works, follow these tips, and most importantly- be persistent. Being forceful will often deter a kid further but using a reward system or positive reinforcement can lead to great success in your next-level potty training!

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