How to Create A Real Estate Logo Design? – A Brief Guide

July 17, 2021


                                                                                                                                                                     Do you own a real estate firm or starting a new company?

Well, why don’t you start with crafting a fantastic logo design that would represent you amongst the realty tycoons?

If you want to run your real estate business successfully in the industry, you need a perfect branding strategy and a real estate logo design. Whether you’re starting a real estate business or are around the industry for a while, your logo design needs to convey your business and its values effectively.

Because it is the logo that first make a connection with the viewer and it should accurately represent you upon the very first look at it.

A significant logo design is always helpful in the promotion of the business. The creation of a professional-looking logo design is a difficult job and should be done with patience. After reading this article, you'll be ready to tackle your logo creation problems with confidence. Let’s have a look at the process of designing mortgage logos.

Choose A Business Name

The very first step is to choose a perfect name for your brand which can define your business niche. Because your business name would be your unique identity in the market whenever someone mentions your business. So, it must offer such distinct quality that no one would misunderstand your business with any other corporation. While choosing your brand's name, keep in mind your target clients. Every type of branch requires a different name. These types include luxury real estate, commercial real estate, and a property investment and management company.

Every specific niche should have a distinct name and branding strategy. You must define which name will fit your brand. You can also hire professionals to have suggestions and experiments. You shouldn’t put all burden on your shoulders rather let the professionals do the best work for you. Because you might not be able to think a perfect name while doing million other things and your business name needs ample research time. And taking help from others within your staff can lessen your burden and you can pick the perfect name from the suggestions.

Decide for A Slogan

You need to decide whether to add a slogan to your real estate logo design or not. If you decide to incorporate a slogan, make sure it's unique and concise. Lengthy sentences can be problematic as these can throw things off visually due to imbalance structure. And this could be a catastrophic step for your overall logo’s design. So, you must be very specific about selecting a slogan that goes with your branding plans and easily gets fit into your company name.

Ideally, your slogan should be just a few words and choose a small font size, so it fits nicely with the company name and graphic design. Small font sizes will be compatible with your branding assets such as your business cards, websites, and promotional material. So, if you go with a slogan, go with perfection in terms of font’s size and maintain readability from a distance that whenever someone looks at your logo, your slogan is also visible. Doing so would help the viewer not only in reading the slogan along with your company name but also memorize it with ease.

Choose A Suitable Colour Scheme

Choosing the right colors is always considered as a crucial step in making a superb real estate logo design. Don't consider just your favorite colors but go with your industry requirements. You must take a survey of competitors and select the best colour scheme which attracts the most. Because doing so will allow yout to seek what are the popular color choices that others are using and how you could be different from them. And picking the perfect color would also help your real estate brand in connecting with your key clients, too.

Each color delivers a unique message so make sure it matches your business values and takes you to the right position. Blue colour shows loyalty, stability, and peacefulness. Green conveys the message of health, growth, and freshness. Choose best for your company and customize your logo design with the correct color that makes an instant connection with your clients.

Pick A Logo Graphic and Font Style

Lastly, you must pick a font that goes with your real estate company’s overall brand personality. Mostly, the real estate logos use Serif font family for the logo design but you’re free to do some experiment and choose a different font family such as Display fonts, script fonts or a blend of all.

Logo graphics should express a sense of fulfillment. Don’ use too high contrast and not even dull background. You should also keep in mind that the font style and size must match the graphic design. Because that would set the tone of your logo design so pay due attention to your font from the logo design’s point of view.

A great real estate logo design stays in line with the needs of the industry. Professional graphic designers know better what’s the significance of graphics in modern logo designs. Therefore, hire professionals and get the most suitable real estate logo design for your company.

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