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Interior design ideas to spike up your home’s resale value


Are you looking to sell your house for the best price possible? That’s perfectly understandable. But at the same time, not all homes are currently in a great condition worthy of a great price. However, one notable thing about real property is it can also be renovated.

Renovating your interior design has such an incredible impact on your home’s resale value. This is where the new homebuyer will live, so an aesthetically pleasing and functional interior helps them imagine how wonderful life would be in the space. Consequently, they’d be willing to pay as much as you ask.

And notably, South Carolina is a popular market for real estate investors. So there’s a whole lot of opportunities to make good cash out of your home if you take steps to make it appealing enough.

So here are some interior design ideas to increase your home’s resale value in Pickens, South Carolina.


1. Customize closets

If there’s any part of your interior to customize, it’s your closet. A built-in custom closet with shelves, drawers, and some custom features and accessories can be a great way to boost your home’s value as they attract potential buyers. It’s, however, advisable to get your custom closet done by a professional as it offers a more quality and appealing finish.


2. Do a kitchen and bathroom remodel

The kitchen and bathroom are the top two places homebuyers check out on reaching your home. Most people are now looking for modern kitchens with modern, smart appliances, natural countertops, and fanciful cabinets. Also, update the bathroom floor to a non-slippery one if you don’t already have it. Although this might have an impact on your bank account, it will always be a worthy investment.

If you do not wish to go through the stress and financial burden, let experts at we buy houses pickens sc help your house fast for cash. If your house gets sold for its fair market value, then you wouldn’t have to spend much on repairs or wait a long time to get a buyer.


3. Make your rooms seem more spacious

The bigger a home, the larger its value. So what happens when you make your rooms feel bigger? Your guess is as good as mine.

Take out clutter and unused shoes from your closet so that potential buyers will see how much space there is. Update your furniture to those that fit more perfectly into the room’s scale without overcrowding it. Even when your home looks small from the outside, prospective buyers will see more potential if they perceive the interior as spacious.


4. Be cautious of the trend

Although you should bring in modern features and appliances, never go overly trendy with your home’s interior design if you look to sell your house as-is soon. That’s because trendy features go out of fashion as quickly as they come, and you would need to renovate again, leading to wasteful spending.

Stick with classic designs if you wish to sell your house fast. But remember, this is not saying you shouldn’t get some trendy features that aren’t difficult to change, such as curtains and painting. But avoid the more expensive ones, like constructional renovation.



Interior design projects to improve your home’s value will typically make a significant cut to your bank balance. You, therefore, have to be ready to sell your house fast and for a considerable (high but not outrageously so) to ensure you get a substantial return on investment.


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