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Internet and Business: My Personal Growth as a Blogger

Internet and Business

I am David and I have been working on websites and blogs since 2007. My cousin Justin and I have created various blog throughout our teens and twenties. I started with a music blog when I was in 7th grade (2007) and eventually my cousin and I created an entertainment website in 2009. Our passion for architecture and engineering made us create our best website yet in 2012, Urban Splatter. Read more about how we have learned a lot regarding the internet and business.

Justin and I now own various blogs including Kefi Mind, Tech-Exclusive, Krizzy Cooks, and All Blog Now. We have become experts in many areas online that we did not expect to become experts.

How My Blog Has Grown

Building websites, blogging, and dealing with marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) was never what I thought I would be doing. Anyone who is passionate and wants to create an internet experience in a certain niche can do this. If you are lucky, you may even be able to make money off it or become an influencer in the industry you are interested in or an expert.

I used to make small websites using HTML code back in the mid 2000’s but over time have learned how to make Blogspot’s and also build hefty WordPress sites. At this point, it is very easy for someone to make an amazing looking website without having to know too much about the internet or coding. I have not only learned how to build a site, but also how to monetize, write, and find fans for the site. There are so many cool opportunities that come up while working on an internet business.

How I Have Grown

Not only have our websites grown, but we have grown too. I feel like I have learned so much about my self during the process of blogging and running an internet business. Running a website lets you really hone in on your passion and do the things you love to do. This has built up my esteem and has allowed me to speak my honest truth in a considerate and humble manner.

Running a small business has also taught me a lot about myself. I realized that I have a strong fear of people and money insecurity that I now get to challenge myself in. I plan on continuing blogging and running a business in a way that keeps me in the present moment and allows me to be conscious about myself and the world around me.

Top Tips on Running an Internet Business

  1. Pick a topic you like and are passionate about

  2. Set up a blog online

  3. Write articles you love

  4. Network with others in the field

  5. Monetize/Marketing


You can see that I have grown not only in the blogsphere but also in my personal life. If you are looking to start your own internet business follow top tips that we have provided above. These will help you a ton as you go forward in your endeavors. We wish you the best luck of all.

I hope you liked reading this post regarding the internet and business growth we have had thus far. If you liked posts like this one, please visit our front page. You can also check us out on Instagram.

In addition to exploring topics related to civil engineering, I enjoy making house beats.


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