Life-saving, Home Fire Prevention and Protection Tips

July 30, 2021


Did you know that when a fire starts in your home, you may have as little as two minutes to escape?

Fires affect thousands of homes each year resulting in devastating injuries, burns, deaths, and building damages. Unfortunately, fires are unpredictable, but the best way to look out for yourself and your loved ones is by including; fire prevention, protection practices, and tools in your home.

Seizing an opportunity to learn about fire facts and tips to develop a solid fire safety plan can be the best thing you will ever do. To begin with, these fire protection and prevention tips will help you protect your home from devastating damages and losses.

Fire Protection Tips


Fire protection within a home relies on system components to detect and prevent fire to mitigate its consequences. The most effective way to protect yourself and your home from fire is to identify and remove fire hazards. It is prudent for homeowners to properly install the essential devices to make sure the building is in the best possible position to fight a blaze in case of a fire breakout. Let's take a minute to discuss how fire protection systems and technology allow you to alert or monitor fires.

Install Smoke Alarms

Many people assume that they will be able to smell smoke when they are asleep and wake up in time to escape in case of a fire emergency. Sadly that’s never the case, it has been proven that when people sleep their sense of smell is lost. The only thing that can alert you in case of fires is the sound of a well-installed fire alarm system. The best part about them is they give you an early signal and potentially save lives and save you the cost of property loss. Install a fire alarm in every room of a house.

Suppression Systems

It is imperative to know what fire suppression systems are and which work best in different scenarios. This is because installing the wrong suppression system will potentially cause more harm than actual fire. In most cases, fire suppression systems have in-built components that detect heat and smoke from the fire and automatically release external substances to extinguish the fire after detection.

Sprinkler Systems

Consider investing in a sprinkler system because they are designed to control or extinguish fires in the early stages. Therefore making it easier for building occupants to leave the building and reduce property loss due to fires.

Arc-fault Circuit Interrupter( AFCI)

An AFCI is a circuit breaker that breaks when it detects the electric arcs that are the signature of a loose connection in-home wiring. The good news is that arc circuits can distinguish between a harmless arc( incidental normal operation of switches and brushed motors) and dangerous arcs ( cases of a broken conductor) hence very efficient for residential fire protection. Zjbeny is one of the most reliable AFCI solution suppliers.

Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are a vital part of fire protection but are among the most misused items for door stoppers in the household. Fire extinguishers can mean the difference between a small fire incident that is put out quickly and a raging inferno. They are a vital part in giving first fire-fighting capabilities, therefore, there is a need for proper storage and maintenance of fire extinguishers.

Fire Prevention Tips


Fire prevention tips involve the proactive steps taken to reduce fire hazards, so that fire does not get a chance to ignite. Home fires can occur for a variety of reasons such as unattended cooking. Lame right?

Though most home fires are not a hundred percent preventable, there are necessary steps you can take to reduce the risks of home fires. Here are some of the essential steps:

Come Up with a Fire Escape Plan

It is important to sit down with your family members and prepare a fire escape plan in sure that everyone knows at least two unobstructed exits, keep in mind that building stairs and elevators might not be an option. Decide on a meeting point outside the house. Go through the plan and practice it out to be sure it is practical and everyone has understood clearly.

Kitchen Safety

When cooking, stay near the fire to monitor it. Remember to keep the kitchen clean and free of combustible material and keep the kitchen a kids-free zone. Turn pot handles inward on the stove where you can’t bump them and children can’t grab them.

Don’t Smoke in the House

It should come as no surprise that careless smoking is the leading cause of home fires. Provide smokers with large, deep, glass, non-tip ashtrays, and remember to put out cigarettes all the way. Take note never to smoke in bed because you might fall asleep with a lit cigarette and mattresses and beddings can catch fire easily.


There are many ways of preventing and protecting your homes from catching fires, the more you can do to prevent fire in the first place, the better. While at it keep the above-listed points at your fingertips to help you prepare, act quickly, better protect your health and safety, and reduce property losses. If you experience a home fire or any disaster register on the website to let your family and friends know about your welfare.


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