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Maintaining Your Outdoor Blinds: A Regular Task for Everyone


There is no doubt that your outdoor blinds are useful in so many ways. There are so many benefits that you enjoy when you install the blinds in your doors and windows. All you need to do is maintain them properly as they also take care of you so much. You invest in these and hence are liable to keep them in good condition if you wish to use them for a longer time.

They are incredibly useful in giving you more secrecy and privacy when you are in your house. Also, they prevent the heat, smoke, and dust from outside from getting into your house as well as regulating the internal temperature of your house during the peak summer seasons.

Maintaining a blind is not too tough as you might have assumed. All you need to do is clean them once every week or month based on the weather conditions prevailing in your area. So, do you know the exact way of cleaning window and door blinds? Let us find out…

Gently Cleaning Using A Brush

The mesh-type fibres of the blinds can be cleaned using a simple soft bristle brush. Avoiding using a brush with hard bristles as this can cause the cloth to wear early. Using a soft brush and gently wiping down the entire cloth can prevent dust from settling down on it.

Depending on the weather in your area you might need to clean the blinds once every few weeks, or months. Remember, that if the weather in your region is more prone to storms and bushfires then you might have to clean the blinds more often as dust would regularly settle on them.

Not Using Any Harsh Chemicals

Using any harsh chemicals such as detergents, and other solvents can cause the fabric of the blinds to wear out easily. You can use water and a soft fabric cleaner that is not too harsh. For this, you will have to buy or get a hold of soft fabric. This fabric preferably cotton will be the best choice you can opt for. The detergent you use should not be a strong chemical. Rather see the content and then use it.

Cleaning your outdoor blinds using any soft cleaner is easier than you thought. You can easily do it at your home. All you got to do is make a solution using clean water and pour a small spoon full of the liquid into the solution. Allow the solution to be applied on the blind using a clean piece of cloth or a brush. Allow the solution to remain for 15 minutes and then use a rinse it with clean water and a cloth piece.

Avoiding High-Pressure Cleaning Methods

Just like avoiding a harsh liquid or a hard bristle brush you also need to avoid any harsh cleaning methods such as using a deep stain washing brush, rotatory brush, or high-pressure washers. This will also cause the high-pressure brush to wear down the blind over time.

Try and use a soft brush for cleaning your outdoor blinds or use a clean piece of cloth that is the best alternative.

How To Avoid Stains And Discoloration Of The Blinds?

There are a few tricks that you can ensure to prevent fewer stains and discoloration of your outdoor blinds. You can avoid more dust and dirt, or mud and stains when you install the blinds from the inside of your doors and windows rather than outside. The second thing that you can do to prevent discoloration is using soft cleansing agents and solutions.

Leave Your Blinds Down To Ensure They Are Dried Out

During the rainy weather, the outdoor blinds might get wet. During such times you should not roll them up as this would cause molds and fungi to grow easily and appear as whitish stains. And not to mention the foul smell that they would be generating.

One of the in general best tricks to ensure the longevity and less cleaning headache of your outdoor blinds is to install them from the inside of the door and windows. The outdoor blinds will be something you install and feel secured about. You can look up the internet for various designs available.

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