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Maltese Wine: The Top 3 Wineries in Malta

Maltese wines

Malta is a country in the Mediterranean Sea just 50 miles south of Italy. It is an island country consisting of an archipelago. It is the tenth smallest country in the world, but boasts a population of a half a million people. There is a big wine industry in Malta with many native grapes coming from the small island. Their wine production dates back to over two thousand years ago. There is no official wine route but a wine festival is held in Valletta. To this day, many tons of wine are exported from the islands to other countries. Wines from Malta are designated as DOK wines. We will take a look at some of the best Maltese wine and wineries in Malta below.

1. Marsovin 

Marsovin is one of the best brands of wine in Malta (most people have heard of it there). They offer a 2-hour tour here and allow you to eat yummy foods while sampling their wines. The winery is located in the city of Marsa which is just west of Valletta.

2. Ta’ Mena Estate

Ta’ Mena Estate is located on the northern island of Malta, named Gozo. You can take a ferry to get to this island from the northern part of the main island. This Estate offers great wines and is known for its natural beauty and scenic areas. Check this place out if you want to relax in a very nice area.

3. The Master Cellar

The Master Cellar is located in In-Naxxar, Malta. This is an area just north and west of Valletta. They like to keep an educational theme in order to help patrons better understand the wines and spirits they have. Here you can really appreciate the finer things in life. They even have wine delivery here. This is my personal favorite winery in Malta and a must see.

Conclusion: Maltese Wine

Maltese wines are some of the best wines in the world. You now know where you need to visit next time you decide to go to Italy or Malta. Not only will you get to taste some of the best wines, but you will also experience the cuisine and amazing nature of Malta. Make sure to research these three amazing wineries in more detail before you add them to your itineraries.

In conclusion, I hope you enjoyed reading about Maltese wine and the best wineries. Furthermore, please leave your thoughts and comments below. Finally, read some other articles like this one on our frontpage. Also, check us out on Instagram too.

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