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Relocating to New York? Here’s What You’ll Need

If you’re considering a move to the Big Apple, excitement may very well be your most prominent emotion. After all, this is New York we’re talking about—there’s so much to love. From the ability to head to a bodega in the latest hours of the night (or earliest of the next morning) to having something new to experience daily, the energy of the city is hard to beat. That excitement alone, though, can’t single-handedly prepare you for relocating here. Whether it’s navigating the city’s housing crisis or adapting to its cultural milieu, there’s a lot that goes into this adjustment beyond anticipation alone.

A Place to Live



When planning any move, the space you’ll be moving into is a critical component—no matter how much you want to relocate to a certain city, you’ll ideally want to have a roof over your head when you do so. If you can handle a down payment, mortgage, and all the expenses that come with homeownership (particularly in the city), take the time to compare mortgage options in New York and find a monthly payment, lender, and general loan terms that meet your needs.


If not, your search for an ideal monthly payment will apply to rent, rather than a mortgage payment. In New York City and beyond, your primary residence will be a significant expense—but, of course, that’s the price you pay to live in the city of dreams.

Purged Belongings



Unless you have a particular sort of luck, you’ll likely be relocating into a smaller space than you’ve lived in elsewhere—for all of New York City’s perks, roomy living spaces aren’t one of them. To make this adjustment easier, consider purging your belongings before you become an NYC home buyer or renter. Of course, you’ll need to buy a few new items in particular, like women’s blouses for work to make a good impression at your new corporate job. Overall, though, you should ensure your possessions reflect an ideal New York life—and that your work blouses and everything else relocating with you will fit in your new living space.

Comfortable Walking Shoes



Another item you’ll want to upgrade or at least avoid purging is a pair or two of comfortable walking shoes. No matter how well you’ve mastered hailing a cab or navigating the subway, you’ll find that you do a whole lot of commuting by foot, whether that’s skipping the Uber to meet your friends for drinks or walking to an event a few blocks away. This fact of New York life even offers health benefits. While you can certainly wait to find new sneakers once you’ve arrived, you’ll be grateful for some sort of shoe that’s ready for walking before you set foot on the city streets.

An Open Mind



Despite the stereotypes that plague New Yorkers, there’s more to Empire City than abrupt, unfriendly locals and people rushing along the sidewalks. In fact, the most significant aspect of life in NYC, for many, is the culture shock of living amidst so many different types of people.


Whether it’s a certain lifestyle, ethnic background, or other feature, there are few places in the world that rival New York in terms of its “melting pot” of nationalities, languages, and cultures, more generally. To thrive in New York City, you must be ready to encounter those who look, act, or intrinsically are different than you and those closest to you—and to accept them despite those differences.


Relocating to New York, or NYC more specifically, isn’t a decision to be taken lightly. From housing to transportation and fashion to culture, there are a lot of adjustments that have to be made—but they’re the sorts that pay off with an incredible life under the city lights.

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