Remodeling Your Kitchen After a Flood

July 26, 2021

Flooding in the kitchen may result from a burst pipe, excessive rainfall, storm, or a damaged dam. This causes serious structural damage and exposes your kitchen to deterioration. Flooding in the kitchen also hinders you from using the kitchen until you restore sanity.

For the safety of your kitchen and the entire home, hiring a professional contractor to restore and remodel the kitchen is necessary. This article helps you understand the benefits of kitchen renovation after a flood. You’ll also find safety tips to follow before calling kitchen restoration experts during a flood.

Benefits Of Remodeling Your Kitchen After a Flood

Kitchen remodeling is an excellent way to give your kitchen a new look. You also breathe new, fresh air when cooking in a fully-remodeled kitchen. Below are some benefits of giving your kitchen a refurbishment after heavy flooding.

Remodeling is Convenient

Some flood damage restoration contractors offer a full package service. This consists of both restoration and remodeling. This is convenient because you’re dealing with a single contractor to cover the whole work. Hiring two separate contractors for restoration and remodeling is tedious and time-wasting.

Remodeling Saves Cost

Whenever water damage to your kitchen occurs, you’ve got to spend some money to restore it. Choosing full remodeling has the potential for saving on expenses. It helps you cut down on the cost that you would pay for the two services. Remodeling contractors also offer affordable discounts when you choose both remodeling and restoration.

You’re Able to Update Your Kitchen Space

Kitchen water damage is a good reason to upgrade and update your kitchen space. Kitchen modeling allows you to change the kitchen layout and make it spacious. A spacious kitchen is convenient for cooking and during cleaning.

Remodeling Removes Unwanted Mold

Water damage promotes the growth of unwanted mold and mildew. If not removed, mold will spread and damage the entire house. Mold exposure also has the potential to cause respiratory problems and other illnesses. Mold also causes serious structural damage to the house. Kitchen remodeling ensures their complete removal, hence guaranteeing health safety.

Remodeling Removes Pests and Insects

A flooded kitchen creates a favorable environment for the breeding of pests and insects. Spiders are venomous and cause infections when they bite. The venom from spiders is also harmful to your pets such as cats. Termites eat the wood and cause structural weakness to the house. Kitchen remodeling ensures the removal of such pests from their dark, hiding places.

Improves Your Kitchen Sustainability

During kitchen remodeling, you have an opportunity to upgrade your kitchen’s sustainability. To reduce water wastage, you may install a water-saving faucet. You may also use sustainable materials such as bamboo for countertops and floors.

Improved Appearance of Your Kitchen

A flooded floor may need a full replacement. The cabinets may be rusty and in need of replacement too. A professional contractor will clean your kitchen and upgrade it to improve its appearance. They will also paint the walls and replace the floors and cabinets.

Emergency Tips During Flooding in the Kitchen

Flooding in your kitchen can be frustrating. It also causes inconveniences since it happens when least expected. During a flood in your kitchen, follow the following emergency procedures as you seek professional help

Switch off Electric Supply

To avoid electrocution and fire outbreaks, switch off the electric supply at the circuit box. It may be important to turn off electricity in other rooms too. Also, turn off electricity in case you smell gas leaks or see sparks. Once you turn off electricity, remove electric appliances from the plugs on sockets.

Shut off the Source of Water if Possible

If flooding occurred as a result of damage to the plumbing system within the kitchen, cut off the source if you can. Shut off the valve in the basement or near the water meter. If possible, call your plumber as soon as possible.

Salvage the Furniture and Fittings

Cover furniture cushions and pillows to prevent them from sucking water. If possible, consider removing furniture such as tables and chairs from the floods. This prevents moisture from getting into the wood. If possible, put an aluminum foil between the floor and the furniture legs.

Take Precaution with the Gas Stoves

Gas stoves are prone to damage from flooded kitchen floors. After the kitchen restoration, inspect the gas bottom burners, regulators, and supply lines for damage. If you’re unsure of the procedure, call an expert to check it for you.

Assess the Severity of the Damage

Check for the extent of the damage to the kitchen by the flooded water. Mold may start growing in some wet, dark areas such as hidden corners.

Know When You Need Professional Help

Flooding in the kitchen is sometimes so overwhelming that you won’t clear it up on your own. The knowledge of mopping or drying up your kitchen may not be enough. Extensive kitchen damage from flooding thus requires restoration experts. Kitchen restoration and remodeling experts use techniques and machinery to address flooding in the home.

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