The Basics of Property Claim Adjusting

July 20, 2021

The claim adjuster's job is to assist the insured in proving the loss to the insurer and receiving reimbursement under their policy. The adjuster will investigate the loss, examine the policy language, and apply it to the data gathered during the investigation. In order for an adjuster to fulfill their responsibilities, certain tasks must always be completed accurately and in good faith.

What Does it Mean to be a Claim Adjuster?

The function of a claim adjuster is to look into insurance claims and determine the scope of coverage for a company. Public adjusters deal with property claims, liability claims from third-party personal injuries, and property damage. To determine the claim's viability, the claim adjuster must do a thorough investigation into the issue, which involves interviewing witnesses and painstakingly reviewing the evidence available to them.

Meeting with the Insured and the Witnesses

The claims adjuster needs to schedule plans to meet with the insured and any witnesses, which should not take more than 24 hours after having the receipt of a loss notice.

The claim adjuster looks over all of the loss information as well as the policy statement and draws the required findings. Afterward, the insured should sign a non-waiver agreement, declaring that the claim investigation will not waive any of the parties' rights or obligations under the policy.

Get a Recorded Statement

One of the claim adjuster's responsibilities is obtaining a documented statement from both the insured and witnesses to comprehend the accident’s consequences fully. As stated in the document records, the claim adjuster will ask why, what, how, and where. In addition, the claim adjuster may acquire crucial information from family members or acquaintances to create a complete picture of the losses.

The claims investigation process begins with the filing of statements. The adjuster determines the next essential steps in the claims case by first obtaining information from any witnesses.

The information acquired can then be communicated with the insured in the form of a statement, which they should read, correct as needed, and then sign and date accordingly. When using a tape recorder, the insured should be obliged to sign their name at the beginning of the recording, date the cassette, and mark it to avoid alterations. For digital records, the statement should be transcribed and sent to the insured to read through, check its correctness, record the date, and then sign.

Collect Relevant Documents

As required, the adjuster must get all the copies of relevant records and information from the insured. Some of which includes the following:

  • Ledger of the business
  • Leases
  • Relevant documents validating the owner of the property
  • Banking records of at least six months
  • Final physical inventory
  • Purchases orders, receipts, invoices among other qualifying documents.

Most insurance companies require that the insured cooperate with the investigators by providing as much information as possible to support the claim. It is critical to have a written or digital record since it binds both parties to the claim's process. This makes it much easier to check a claim's truth and legitimacy.

Please Contact the Relevant Authorities

You should contact the investigating authorities as soon as possible so that they can aid you in personally determining your case. You can assess your property claim alternatives by going to to learn more.

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