The Growing Importance of 3D Laser Scanning

July 22, 2021

3D laser machines have brought convenience and a sense of accomplishment to various industries. This is because of the results they produce. This is why industries like construction, survey, oil and gas, and many others fare better.

For instance, some high-grade options can be used to analyze damage to oil pipes. The way it does it is faster than what was obtainable before now.

As a result, the chances of experiencing downtimes because of risk assessment are very little or not going to happen. For more information on this subject, you can watch:

Other than in the oil and gas industry, 3D laser machines are very helpful in other ways. This is why knowing about them will benefit everyone in one way or the other.

This is exactly what we will do in this article. We will do this by discussing why the prices of these machines are not likely going to come down soon.

They Are Not Becoming Cheaper

We have come across some videos explaining that 3D laser scanners are the items for the future and that prices will come down. Well, the first part is very true. They are indeed the item for the future and we are having a good glimpse at some of the possibilities they offer.

We have explained how they are revolutionizing the oil and gas industry especially by making risk assessment easy. The same also applies to the construction industry.

For instance, these machines can be used to detect faults in a building and help determine areas to focus on during renovation. There is just so much that 3d scanning solutions offers and we cannot overemphasize its advantage.

However, that part stating that the prices of 3D laser scanners will go down is not logical. This is considering the current state of things and the industries responsible for producing these machines. Let us see why this is the case:

The Volume of Consumption

These machines are indeed useful in many industries. However, you are not going to find them just anywhere. They are used by a few people.

This means they have a low volume consumption rate. So, manufacturers have to sell high to make their profit and improve their delivery. This is just a simple economic rule that affects the prices of these machines. But there is more to why its cost will not go down (all things being equal).


The use of 3D laser scanning technology has a funny history. You should know it is not an entirely new thing. It even started as far back as the 1960s. However, big-time progress was not experienced until the 1990s.

In all of that time, we can deduce that the cost of this accurate measuring and detection device has not come down. For more on this subject, you can read this.

So, do not let anyone make you think buying now is a bad decision because the prices will go down soon. This is except you have valid reasons for not getting one now.

Cost of Research

The business of producing 3D laser scanners keeps getting better by the day. This is considering the improvement in the devices now available. Some commercial-grade equipment can even do some remarkable things, not to mention the top-notch devices.

One of the reasons for this improvement is the quality of research that has gone (and keeps going) into the industry. Well, you should know that such research does not come cheap.

Even the training that produces these manufacturers can be very expensive. All these coupled with the fact that the consumption is still low means the prices are going to be on the high side. However, you can be certain you will get value for money.


Manufacturers of these machines do not operate in an unregulated market. This is so that consumers will be protected. Additionally, regulatory bodies are concerned about the quality of products that enter the market.

So, there are checks to be made. Well, you should know getting all of these approvals and certifications from trusted bodies cost the manufacturers. This in turn influences the prices of 3D laser scanning machines. This is why we do not see how the prices of these devices will come down.

Software Development

3D laser scanning equipment gathers data regardless of where and how they are used. This data needs to be properly processed to give the user(s) the best result.

This is the area where 3D laser scanning software comes in. They have IT features that help in delivering the best result to the user. So, it is not just about qualities such as resolution, Infrared capacities, and other things expected of the scanner.

The software used is equally important. As a result, a lot goes into developing the software used. Developers are hired to create and constantly upgrade them. All these things make it a capital-intensive project for the manufacturers.

The consumers then have to bear all the costs as well as the profit the manufacturers need. This is a logical reason the price is not likely going to go down.

Better Features

Have you seen the quality of 3D laser machines that are in the market as we speak? If yes, you understand that they offer so much; more than what was obtainable with previous models.

As a result, it is only logical that they have higher price tags. The range of distance they cover, the ability to merge more than one given data, the possibility of using them with drones, real-time delivery, and several other amazing features are some things they bring to the table.

We are not talking about those cheap commercial-grade options that sell for below 400 bucks. We are talking about those industry-redefining devices that cost thousands of dollars.

Because of the cost and frequency of use, some people opt for 3D laser scanning services rather than buying them. Frankly, this seems like a better option.

This is especially because of the expertise and experience these service providers bring to the table. Many of them have experts that are very good at using the machine to capture the right things and getting the right results. So, you might want to deal with them.


3D Laser scanners do many things in this day and age. In all the ways they are used, they offer ease and better results. However, there are talks about how people should avoid buying them now as they will become cheaper soon.

We have discussed why this is not likely going to happen soon. We hope that you see the reasons why this is the case and make informed decisions as a result.

Carlos Diaz
I believe in making the impossible possible because there’s no fun in giving up. Travel, design, fashion and current trends in the field of industrial construction are topics that I enjoy writing about.

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