Top 10 Benefits of Window Valances in Your Home

July 5, 2021


Are you planning to remodel your home and have no idea what décor to use on your windows? Decorating windows are pivotal in transforming your home into perfection, and installing valances is one way of adding an aesthetical appeal to any living space. A valance is a drapery piece fixed on the top side of the window.

The interior décor market has numerous options when it comes to window valances. You can get your preferred valance in any size, shape, color, or style. Besides radiating a stylish look, these window decorations can transform your interiors to another level.

Understanding the significance of valances will help you pick the most suitable style that complements your home décor. Whether you want to emphasize the color of the curtains or design, it is a brilliant décor for your windows.

Below are some of the benefits of adding window valances in your home:

  1. Covers Curtain Hardware

A window valance can neatly conceal curtain boxes in many homes. Though modernized houses are doing away with curtain hardware, it is still common in most homes. Hence, the valance is a perfect décor solution to cover any construction flaws. These décor pieces alter a room’s tone and give an impression of clean and appealing windows.

2. Soft Aesthetics on Bare Windows

You can install valances in bare windows to add soft aesthetics to the rooms. Since the valance is at the top, natural light will flow in without any curtain. Instead of leaving your windows bare, be creative and introduce elegant valances with stylish designs.

3. Adds Beauty

If you want to design a beautiful home with a touch of sophistication, you can select a suitable valance that matches your interior furnishings. You can easily transform a basic room into a well-designed space. These stylish decorations are unique and affordable interior décor items that anyone can purchase for their home. Why not make your house stylish with a window valance? However, ensure that the valances match the color scheme to avoid a busy look.

4. Finished Look

If your living space has many windows, the room can give an impression of a clustered look. Thus, install these window hangings to achieve a finished appearance. It also creates a sense of balance, depending on the design of the valance.

5. Allows Design Experiments

If you love experimenting with décor ideas, you can use these modern hangings to try out various décor styles. Window valances give interior decorators room to discover new and unique statement styles. Since valances come in different designs and shapes, you can select varied patterns or colors that complement your soft furnishings. Therefore, be creative and decorate your home with unique and elegant window decorations.

6. Easy Maintenance

Unlike the main curtains, valances are low maintenance and easy to clean. There are many ways you to clean your window valances. Washing by hand is one way if they don’t have complicated fabric and design. Alternatively, use a washing machine for a quick fix. You can also dust the valances regularly or use a damp cloth to soak away the dust. You can wash your curtains and valances on the same day to maintain even cleanliness.

7. Affordable

Most people worry about prices when it comes to decorating their homes. But you can work within your budget and still achieve an appealing design style. Window valances are quite pocket-friendly compared to other décor pieces. Quality curtains are even more expensive. Therefore, you can save extra cash if you can design and sew your home valances. Otherwise, make a trip to the décor store and order a unique valance that complements your interior home décor.

8. Offers Privacy

Many homeowners love privacy, and the best way to keep the prying eyes of nosy neighbors is to use dark window valances. Dark colors provide privacy, and no one can know if you are home or not. It can also be an efficient way of avoiding break-ins from burglars. Apart from style, many homeowners install valances because of privacy.

9. Controls Noise

Window valances made of heavy fabrics can help prevent noise from entering certain rooms. If your primary aim is noise control, you can go for heavier valance materials.

10. Energy-saving

Finally, window valances have a unique energy-saving advantage, both on cold and hot days. During summer, these window decorations help control the amount of light coming into the rooms; thus, maintaining a cool environment. Conversely, during cold days, it keeps the rooms warm and helps to reduce the power bills.

Choosing the perfect window hangings comes with numerous benefits. If you are remodeling your home, don’t forget to install unique and stylish valances to make your home more elegant and comfortable.


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