Upcycling Made Easy: A Beginners Guide to Updating the Outdated

July 3, 2021

Updating and renovating your home can be a costly process. If you’re looking around your house at tired old furniture and coffee-stained tables, then upcycling could be the answer! Upcycling is a crafty way of breathing new life into old things, so get ready to get messy, and let’s take a look at some upcycling ideas.


A lot of houses come with old, discolored light fixtures, and you notice them more than you realize! Old-looking lights instantly make the room look darker and more dated, so let’s start upcycling! Most times, all you need are some new parts to revitalize your lights, replace the old pull cords and glass links with some Cyan accessories, then you’ll have fresher, brighter lights in no time. It’s always worth searching for your light fixture online, that way you may be able to find some assembly instructions which will allow you to take the fitting apart, give it a good deep clean, and put it all back together safely.


If you’re picking up second-hand furniture, the chances are it’ll be beaten up, and it’ll be made of wood. You’ll need to find out what kind of wood it is so you can apply the right treatments, hopefully, the seller will know. Next, you’ll see whether it’s treated or not, it should be easy to tell as treated wood is more glossy. If it’s untreated, you can start painting! Use a good primer for a base coat then apply any color you like! If it is treated, you’ll have to sand off the varnish first so you’ve got a fresh piece of wood to work with.


Once you’ve got your wood painted and finished nicely, it’s time to move on to the cushions! Choose a fabric that suits your aesthetic, and get some new soft cushion filling. After you’ve torn out the old fabric and made sure the cushioning is as plump as you’d like it to be, you can set to work measuring and cutting your fabric. A staple gun often helps here to tack the fabric into the wooden frame of your furniture.

Tin Cans

This one is a little more creative, why not figure out a way to use old tin cans? Gather together your tin cans, make sure to file down the sharp edges so that everything is safe, then measure the height. After that, you can cut out a strip of wallpaper or wrapping paper and glue it around the can. Out of nowhere, your can has become a decorative vase! Upcycling is all about inspiring creativity in your interior design, so go with your crazy ideas and make something new!


Planters are a classic choice for upcyclers because anything that holds anything can become a planter! Get decorative with your paint set, and then lotion bottles, cinderblocks, buckets, and coffee pots can become funky little planters. Your paint job will give them life and personality, and you can tailor each pot to suit your color schemes and aesthetics!


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