What Exactly Does an Impersonator Do at Parties?

July 29, 2021


Imaging going to a wedding and seeing a real life, Elvis. Better yet, imagine walking into your friend’s house and seeing Marilyn Monroe. You may have heard of famous impersonators and how they attend events pretending to be and look like a celebrity or star. Do you really know what an impersonator does when they actually come to your party? We have a list of all the things that impersonators can do at your next party. Use this list to help plan your next wedding, birthday party, corporate entertainment, or graduation party.


Firstly, one thing that an impersonator or tribute artist can definitely do is perform. Whether it is a Cher tribute artist singing “If I Could Turn Back Time” or a Marilyn Monroe impersonator doing a dance, it will definitely take the breath away from the attendees of the party. If your tribute artist is impersonating a performer, there will be a lot of content to choose from and thus you may have an easier time filling up time at your party. If the celebrity is less of a performer, you may want to invest more in the items below.

Engaging and Mingling with Guests

The celebrity tribute artist will most definitely at the very least engage with the attendees of your event. If the impersonator is a Wayne’s World actor, then he will go around the party saying funny stuff and lines from that movie. He can spark up conversations with some of the party goers and make sure they are having a good time and being entertained.

Furthermore, you can let the performer walk around the party and mingle or set up a line for people to stand in to meet him, either work. Having time for the attendees to chat with the performer will make them feel like they actually got to have the experience.

Time for Video and Photo Taking

There will also be many times for people to take photos and videos with the impersonator. If you would like, you could even make it an actual part of your party. You can have a “red carpet” or photograph area before or after the party.

This will allow people to take the amazing memories they made at your party home with them forever. I am sure you and your friends will love the photos you have with “Elvis” at your wedding party for years to come. Make this a party that people talk about for years.


It can be stressful trying to find a celebrity impersonator and also plan out how they will be at your next party. The good thing is that you now know the three main things that tribute artists do at a party. If you have any other more unique ideas or wants, please contact your actor beforehand to see what they can do for you. There may be some events that you can hold that they think of for you.

I hope you have an easy time planning your next party with a tribute artist and it ends up being a blast. Finally, please read more articles like this one on the front page. Lastly, you can also follow us on Instagram.

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