When Should You Schedule Tree Trimming Services in Lakeland FL?

July 21, 2021

Regular tree trimming services in Lakeland, FL, are an excellent investment for your property. Pruning trees ensures that they grow healthy and strong, while trimming overgrown branches keeps them from causing damage to property in the vicinity.

If you’ve never invested in tree trimming, pruning, and other such services, you might not realize when they’re needed for trees on your property. While an arborist can tell you about the best services for various trees depending on their growth rate and if they’re encroaching dangerously on property and exterior features, you might note some indications that it’s time to contact a tree company in Lakeland.

Tree Trimming Services in Lakeland FL for Trees You Want to Keep

Mature trees add beauty to any property, providing a lush backdrop for homes and businesses. Trees also provide shade for structures as well as grass and vegetation below, which is vitally needed during Florida’s long, hot summers!

Trees also improve outdoor air quality, taking in carbon dioxide or “bad” air and expelling healthy, fresh oxygen. For all these reasons and more, it’s vital that you schedule regular pruning and other such services for trees you want to keep on your property! Pruning away excess branches alleviates weight on a trunk while allowing for added sunlight and fresh air circulation, keeping that tree healthy.

Most trees need pruning and trimming every 3 to 5 years, depending on their growth rate. Fruit trees might need annual trimming, to ensure healthy fruit every year. Annual or semi-annual pruning is typically only needed for young trees, as they’re starting to grow and blossom.

Schedule Tree Trimming Services in Lakeland FL for Dangerous Branches

Dangerous branches should be trimmed as quickly as possible, to avoid property damage and even injury to anyone in their vicinity! What is meant by dangerous branches and why do these need trimming?

· Branches close to power lines and overhead cables should be trimmed as quickly as possible, as downed cables and lines can mean shock and electrocution hazards! Downed lines also mean power interruptions to area residents.

· When branches scrape a structure’s roof, they tend to strip granules, scratch and etch clay tiles, and otherwise damage roofing materials. Have those branches trimmed at the first sign of contact with area roofs, to avoid this costly damage.

· Branches hanging over a structure’s roof, fence, pool, or other such property can cause damage or injury if they should snap and fall. Have them trimmed back or at least pruned as needed, to reduce their weight and reduce the risk of breakage.

It’s also recommended that you schedule tree trimming services in Lakeland, FL, for branches that obstruct solar panels or that scratch exterior window glass. If branches hanging over a structure’s roof drop too much debris, it’s also good to trim them away, to protect the roof from damage and keep it clean and pristine!

Signs It’s Time to Schedule Trimming, Pruning, or Tree Removal

While it’s sometimes obvious that a certain tree branch is dangerously close to power lines and needs removal, property owners might not always realize when it’s time to schedule tree trimming services in Lakeland, FL. One suggestion is to have an arborist or tree care company evaluate your property and note if any branches are too close to lines, or are presenting a danger to property below. An arborist can also check a tree for signs of damage including dry and brittle branches ready to snap!

A property owner might also check the trees on their property regularly, looking for signs of disease, decay, or damage. If a tree doesn’t bloom as it should or if it loses leaves without explanation, this can indicate disease or infestation. Stripped bark and leaning also indicate dying or diseased trees needing trimming or outright removal!

Why Avoid DIY Tree Trimming and Care

Tree trimming and pruning might seem easy enough, but this process is often more complicated than property owners realize. Improper pruning techniques can wound branches and compromise a tree’s overall health, risking the tree eventually wilting away. An arborist will also know which branches need removal for a tree to stay healthy and strong, rather than simply cutting away branches haphazardly.

Branch removal is also downright dangerous! Trying to manage a chainsaw or other sharp tools while on a ladder risks severe injury. Even with proper cabling and bracing, a cut branch can suddenly take a turn and fly backward, or fall and land in a completely unexpected spot, risking property damage and injury to anyone in the vicinity.

Professional tree trimming services in Lakeland, FL, ensure that the job gets done properly and safely. An experienced tree services contractor will have the right tools and experience needed to know what branches need trimming and how to remove them without damage to the tree or nearby property. A tree services professional can also note how often a tree needs their services, to keep it safe and healthy over the years.



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