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10 Tips for Beautiful Gardens in Small Spaces


                                                                                                                                                              Tending to a vast, well-decorated garden is a dream for most – with such space, you have plenty of gardening ideas to go around. However, it doesn’t mean that creating a beautiful garden in small outdoor garden spaces is impossible. Lush greenery, colourful flowers, cosy seating’s – you can still have all of these in your small garden.

In fact, there’s a lot of things you can do in a small space. Countless, brilliant ideas can turn your garden into your personal oasis, enabling you to enrich features that you want to stand out.

With these tips, you’ll surely have your small garden looking like a lush garden paradise in no time!


1. Follow a Minimalist design

One way to maximize the space in your garden is to use decorations that highlight only a single colour. Using white or neutral colours, for example, helps your courtyard to achieve that modern minimalist look. You can also choose to tone down the foliage and use consistent hues in your furniture. For a hint of colour, you may opt to add trees or flowering creepers like star jasmines on your trellis as well.


2. Utilize fresh and natural materials

Wood, bamboo and stones enable your garden to achieve a relaxing and cosy ambience. Here, you can place tall plants at the borders, colourful flowers, and hanging pots as well. Moreover, you can also try using decorative aggregates, making for an even unique and aesthetic design. You can find such aggregates Colchester with various colours, sizes and textures, too.


3. Use flower borders

Flowers undoubtedly give your garden the allure and vibrance that it needs. For small garden spaces, it’s ideal that you place your seating arrangements at the centre, surrounded by colourful flowering plants.


4. Textured walls

No garden is too narrow for a relaxing space. Adding textures on the wall, such as stucco coatings, can add more interest and design to the area. To do this, you can place your seating’s against the wall or use floating shelves for plants.


5. Compartmentalize

Make your small garden fun and beautiful by creating hidden areas or hideaways. You can partition your garden into sections and decorate it with furniture and various plants through bamboo screens or trellis. Compartmentalizing your garden area gives it the illusion to look bigger since you can’t see everything instantly.


6. Trees as decoration

Adding relatively large trees gives your garden that sense of privacy and height. These will enable your garden to have a leafy roof without taking up too much space on the ground.


7. Keep your garden area bright

Using brightly-coloured plants helps a small space appear more spacious. With this, you can choose to utilize light-yellow coloured plants to brighten up dark areas. Such bright displays will invite more light into your garden.


8. Use the right furniture

The type of furniture you put in your garden can either make it look messy or larger. For small gardens, you can make your space more beautiful by going for compact choices like bistro table sets or chairs.


9. Make use of pots and containers

Using pots for your small trees or flowering plants help make everything flexible. Moreover, it also helps your garden to be more convenient to maintain. Of course, to efficiently support the health of your plants, you should be using topsoil infused with nutrients and organic matter. The topsoil in Essex makes for a great choice that can ensure maximum health for your plants.


10. Use lighting for depth

Playing with lighting to create depth can help make your garden space look more spacious. Not only that, but it also helps your garden exude that relaxing ambience too! You can do this by decorating your area with hanging lampshades, ceiling lightings, and more.


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