10 Ways to Increase Your Home's Value

August 23, 2021

The American dream is alive and well. Whether it's the first home you've bought or the fifth one that you're looking to upgrade, every homeowner wants their house to be worth as much as possible. In this blog post, we'll go over 10 ways for increasing a home's value so that when it comes time to sell or trade-up for a new place, you'll make more money!

1) Increase curb appeal:

Don't forget about your front yard! Invest in some new flowers, trim up those bushes, and make sure that your lawn is always mowed. Wiping down the windows and sweeping sidewalks can also help add some value to your house.

2) Update the kitchen:

The kitchen is one of the most expensive rooms in a house. Taking advantage of this and upgrading the kitchen will give you an extra bedroom and make your home worth more money! Invest in new cabinets, counters, backsplash tile, and of course some new appliances too. Anything from flooring to ceiling height can be renovated to match your unique style.

3) Update the bathrooms:

If you want your house to sell faster and for more money, a well-updated bathroom is crucial. A new shower door can make all the difference in how much it costs to rent out or how quickly someone will purchase your home!

4) Let in natural light:

The lighter a room has, the better it'll look. Open up those curtains and let that natural sunlight shine through your windows to make for some beautiful scenery!

5) Get creative with your landscaping:

A little creativity can go a long way. If you have the land and space, try adding flowers or trees to make for an aesthetically pleasing front yard. Even if it's not a ton of land that you're working with, there are plenty of other ways to incorporate plants around your home!

6) Fix any broken windows:

Windows can be costly to replace or repair, so you must take care of them early on before they get too bad. This is especially true if the window happens to be located in a high traffic area, such as near the front door.

7) Plant some trees:

Trees can be expensive, but they'll also add a lot of value to your property. You must know what kind of tree you want before planting them because many factors are in play!

8) Paint exterior walls:

A fresh coat of paint can make all the difference in a home's appearance. You don't have to spend a ton either because there are plenty of affordable options on sites like Lowes and Home Depot!

9) Add some more cabinets or storage:

It may seem counterintuitive, but adding additional storage space will increase your home's value. This means that if you have a bedroom or an office, renovating them into more storage will make it worth more money!

10) Upgrade your garage door:

Parking a car inside of the garage can be challenging, mainly if you have limited space. Upgrading to an automatic or self-closing garage will not only make it easier for you, but they'll also give potential buyers something else to look at!


We hope these tips helped shed some light on ways to increase the value of your home! You don't have to do any of these things (or all of them), but they're worth considering if you think that one day soon, you'll need an upgrade. And who knows? Maybe even taking care of those items now could help lower your monthly expenses so there won't be such a hefty price tag attached when it comes time for move day.


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