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5 gift ideas for architecture lovers’s hard not to be touched or fond of architecture as this art surrounds us in our daily life. You have an architecture student or architecture lover among your family and friends? Discover our top 5 gift ideas for architecture lovers.

A custom city map of their favorite city

Maps and plans are a huge part of architecture. A city map can tell a lot about the urbanism of a place and its main landmarks. You know your friend or family member has a crush on a particular city? Create a custom city map with Mapiful, leader in personalized posters. Chicago is for instance known all over the world for its iconic buildings, such as the Rookery Building, built by Frank Lloyd Wright or the Torre Aqua by Jeanne Gang. Strongly marked by the presence of famous architects over the years like Frank Lloyd Wright, Mies Van der Rohe, or Santiago Calatrava, Chicago is a great choice to create a custom map print to offer to a friend. Choose the style of the map, its color, the fonts and even the frame to create a unique map for your beloved one. Discover more options here.

A beautiful architecture book

You’ll find plenty of architecture books to offer as a gift. You can choose a big format book that highlights photos of iconic buildings, or buy a specific architecture book focused on an architectural style : modern, classical, art deco, Bauhaus, post-modern… In these kinds of publications, astonishing photos of iconic or unconventional buildings are mixed with captions or information to learn everything you need to know about architecture while enjoying the view. Architecture books also make great decorative items, opened to a page with a nice photo and displayed on a shelf in your living room.

As the first of the seven arts wouldn’t exist without talented minds, you can also think of a bibliography of an iconic architect as a gift idea : Mies Van der Rohe, Frank Lloyd Wright, Le Corbusier, Zaha Hadid, Renzo Piano, Walter Gropius… Again, you’ll find in libraries and on the web plenty of options to please your architecture lover with a special attention.

A professional pen or pencil

A drafting pencil

From simple sketches to full architectural projects, architecture students or professionals always need a good sketching pencil to rely on. ROtring mechanical pencils are the best in this matter, and usually are a good gift idea as they can represent quite a budget, ranging from a few euros to thousands of euros. They exist in plenty of colors and millimeters, and the most modern models also have a Touchscreen stylus to allow you to go from paper to digital in a matter of seconds. You can also think of specific rOtring kits with different models of pencils and notebooks, to create an ultra complete gift.

A drawing pencil

In addition to pencils, black pens are part of the regular equipment of an architect. They are useful to give life to a 2D model or to finalize a project or a sketch started with a pencil. Architectural pens are available in a wide range of lead sizes and shades. Don’t hesitate to ask around about the best models or ask directly to the person you want to surprise what model he/she dreams of. You can always complete your purchase with a nice notebook to offer the perfect architect drawing kit.

A subscription to an architecture software

Even if a lot of architecture projects still happen on paper, most of them are now digital. Whether they are students or professionals, architecture lovers spend a lot of time on special softwares to create models, projects or renders. From Rhino 3D to Revit Architecture and Sketch Up or the famous Adobe Suite, softwares usually don’t come cheap and are sometimes mandatory to achieve a project or upgrade your level in architecture. Buying an architecture software is usually a very useful gift idea, and one that will last over time. For example, you can think about buying the first year of software for your loved one. This will already give you a gift idea for the next Christmas or birthday!



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