5 Ways To Upgrade Your Home Without Major Renovations

August 24, 2021

Everyone craves the comfort of having a nice, clean, and relaxing home. And, perhaps, after spending more than a year mostly at home, you’ve come to realize that your home is in need of a major upgrade. It's not just working for you anymore—there are broken parts, there are missing sections, and it’s not giving you that cozy vibe you’ve always wanted. But, while your mind is telling you that your home needs a major renovation, your budget may be saying otherwise.

However, fret no more as undergoing a major renovation actually isn’t always necessary for you to upgrade your home. There are simple changes you can create that are friendly with your time, your budget, and even your schedule. While major renovations are nice to do, they can also be stressful, hence, the choice of many to stay clear from it, for now.

With that said, you can start your home upgrade project with these strategies (without a need for a major reno work):

1. Fix Your Roof

First on this list is fixing up your roof. While you may think this job entails major renovation, that’s not the case. Especially when you’re working with an expert roofing contractor, such as D’Angelo & Sons Roofing, this is a job that can be done quite fast, and effectively at that. If you notice some holes in your roof, your shingles falling apart, or paint chipping off, then those are some of the telling signs a roofing job is definitely of the essence.

You don’t need to break your entire roof to do this successfully. Even working on a small area or only the affected section of your roof makes the difference. Remember, there’s no use living in a beautiful home if its coziness is affected by a leaking roof or a visibly damaged one. A roofing Mississauga project, or wherever you’re from, is a guaranteed way to give your home that much-needed upgrade.

2. Update Your Cabinet Handles

Updating your cabinet handles is another very cost-efficient way to upgrade your home. It’s very easy to do, and you can even DIY. It may not seem like it can create a significant impact, but it actually does, when your cabinets are repainted, and the hardware or handles are new.

There are so many different places you can purchase cabinet handles as there are online stores for it, too. All you really have to do is choose according to your style and preference, so you can have a cabinet handle that truly suits your fancy at home.

3. Repaint Your Interior

One of the best ways to spruce up your home on a budget and by yourself is by repainting the interior. Paint can be your best friend as this is quite easy to do and it instantly makes your home look so much better. The smell of fresh paint will also make your home feel as if it’s a brand-new house.

If you can’t do the entire interior, then focus on painting the areas that need it the most. Think of bright walls in your home that you now want to change to a classier, more neutral shade. Or, you can also repaint your old, dark kitchen cabinets with a brighter shade of white.

4. Change Your Lighting

If you’ve always been a huge fan of white lights, then, perhaps, you now want to switch things up a bit by having warm white or yellow lights, and vice-versa. Or, your home may currently have outdated lighting fixtures, which you need to update, for a more modern and up-to-date look. There are many ways to go about it as good lighting does make all the difference.

The best tip? Have floor lamps or desk lamps for the poorly-lit areas of your home, wherein a major electrical task of new ceiling lights can’t be done. This simple change can also make a significant impact in making your home look better.

5. Add Extra Seating Outside

Perhaps, you have a big garden, but there’s one problem—it's not necessarily a comfortable space at the moment as you don’t have outdoor furniture. If the budget is there, it’s a good idea investing on good outdoor furniture now. This upgrade can extend your home’s functionality as you now have a seamless flow from your indoor to your outdoor space.

Your new outdoor furniture can also serve as the area for you to welcome guests or host garden parties. Or, if you’re working and teaching kids from home, you can work and have your lessons outdoors for a change of scenery.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve long been looking for simple but effective ways to give your home a face lift, the tips above will surely get you started. In fact, many of the projects above can be finished with very little expense, and in a day or a weekend, at most. Albeit small changes, those are upgrades that also create a big impact on your home aesthetically, and even function-wise. All that’s left for you to do now is to get your gear and tools ready, and get working toward a more beautiful, functional, and comfortable home.


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