7 Common Water Damage Causes to Know for Homeowners

August 2, 2021


Water damage causes thousands of dollars in damage for homeowners annually. Whether they're dealing with damage from a natural disaster like a flood or an avoidable problem like a forgotten faucet, homeowners would do just about anything to avoid this soggy, expensive mess.

If you understand the cause of your water damage, you will know how to avoid water problems.

Keep reading to learn about seven common water damage causes and how you can detect and avoid a domestic aquatic disaster.

1. Natural Disasters

Natural disasters cause significant domestic water damage every year. You cannot avoid a deluge of rain or divert a hurricane, but you can put every possible safeguard in place.

Hurricanes and strong winds will lead to downed power lines and a subsequent loss of electricity. If you rely on a sump pump to keep water out of your basement, you will be in trouble when the power goes out.

So keep a supplemental power source nearby. A basic 2000-watt generator can keep your sump pump running efficiently and give you peace of mind when the power goes out.

You can also adjust the landscaping around your home to divert water away from your foundation. If you have an inadequate slope around your home, water will run into your foundation rather than away from it.

Consider hiring a landscaping company to create a stronger slope and rock drainage to keep water away from your home.

As you discover problems with heavy rains, fix them to avoid water damage when big natural disasters hit.

2. Appliance Malfunction

Appliance malfunctions can lead to significant leaks in your home. Regular check the seals on your washing machine and dishwasher. Watch for cracked and compromised seals.

Often you don't know you have a problem until the puddle forms under the machine. If you check your seals regularly, you can avoid big disasters.

Keep an eye on your water heater as well. The reservoir inside a water heater can crack and leak over time.

When you discover a significant leak, contact a contractor that specializes in property damage restoration.

3. Burst Pipes

Burst pipes cause significant water damage because of the quantity of water that comes from them. We aren't talking about a small pinhole leak but rather gushing water coming from a burst pipe.

Pipes will burst when they freeze and then thaw. So if your pipes are exposed to especially cold weather, take measures to protect them. Keep cupboard doors open under sinks when you have extremely cold weather or consider insulating pipes exposed to cold weather.

4. Sewage Problems

Of all the water damage, sewage problems cause the most damage. Raw sewage backed up into your home will require more than just a few big fans and a shop vac to clean it up.

Instead, you'll end up calling a water damage restoration company to take care of the toxic substances that have invaded your home.

A blocked sewage line leads to backed-up sewage in your home and basement. The sewage line sustains a blockage because of several reasons. Perhaps some tree roots have invaded and shifted the line, or maybe one of your toddlers decided to flush a toy down the toilet.

Whatever the reason, sewage problems are a major cause of water damage in a home.

You can suspect sewage problems early if you know what to look for. When you recognize your drain has begun to slow down, call a plumber. If you hear gurgling in your pipes or your toilet, have a professional inspect your plumbing immediately.

Calling a professional to fix the plumbing issue will save you the cost and headache of dealing with backed-up sewage.

5. Outside Plumbing Problems

Your water damage may come from a problem outside your house. Sometimes the leaky pipe won't even be in your home. You may have a burst pipe somewhere in your yard, and the excess water will seep into your foundation and basement.

Pay attention to your yard quality as well as your sump pump. If you hear your sump pump running more often, even when you haven't had rain, you may have an outside leak. Also, if you discover a squishy spot or a puddle in the middle of your yard, you most likely have an underground leak.

Your water bill also plays an important role in this investigation. If you notice an unusually high bill, you most likely leak somewhere on your property.

You will have to call in a professional who specializes in fixing pipe leaks if you have an outside plumbing problem. Do not attempt to excavate and repair the pipe on your own.

6. Frozen Sprinkler Lines

Frozen water sprinkler lines can also cause water damage. Make sure you turn off your outside water before a heavy freeze. Drain the lines to make sure they're empty to avoid repairing water damage caused by burst sprinkler lines.

7. Leaky Toilet

A leaky toilet can also cause significant water damage. You may notice a small amount of liquid around the base of the toilet and wonder if someone missed their mark.

If you clean up the puddle and notice it again later, then you most likely have a leaky toilet. Often you simply need to have the wax seal replaced to prevent further leaks.

If you ignore the problem, though, you will end up with a rotting floor and significant water damage. You may even have to replace the entire bathroom floor.

Seek Out Your Water Damage Causes

When you understand the water damage causes behind your water damage, then you know what to look for before you end up having to call in a plumber, leak detection company and a contractor.

Listen diligently for gurgling pipes. Pay attention to odd puddles in the middle of your lawn. Notice the drips and the puddles in your home that appear out of nowhere.

When you are diligent, you can avoid the cost and time that water damage causes.

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