7 Stunning Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

August 31, 2021

First impressions count.

And there’s no bigger first impression than your front yard. In fact, it’s the most viewed part of your entire home - with you, your guests, and everyone else driving past being able to see whatever it is you’ve got going on. Whether that’s a stunning water feature, or a pile of junk, your front yard landscape design is arguably as important as your central dining area.

Chances are you’re here because you sense a need for an upgrade. We’re here to help you with that.

Here are 7 stunning landscaping ideas to spruce up your front yard:

1. Overhaul your design completely

If you want the wow factor, simply clearing up some pavement and replacing a few plants won’t cut it. You’re going to want to overhaul your design from the start.

This means taking a look at your space as a whole and deciding on a theme that you can follow through with. For example, don’t choose a minimalistic rock garden if your front yard is already filled with big deciduous trees. Choose a design that complements your surroundings and your home itself.

Things to consider:

  • What areas do you want to highlight, and draw attention to?
  • What colours and textures are you hoping to accent?
  • Do you want a winding path or a straight cut line to your front door?
  • Are you going for a green and water reliant ecosystem, or opting for a more summer resilient yard with minimal maintenance?

Coming to a decision can be hard, if you need any guidance or just a professional eye to help make some decisions, reach out to a professional Landscape architects Perth for advice.

 2. Install a water feature

Creating a central water feature can drastically change your front yard’s design and overall feel. Fountains, flowing water features, ponds, and even birdbaths can add a cheerful atmosphere with local bird communities and butterflies enjoying the additional H2O.

If your garden is exposed to sunlight all day, consider adding shade to minimise water evaporation in the summer months.

3. Invigorate your grass

A big problem that plagues many Perth gardens is withering or dying grass. Keeping your grass healthy is arguably a part time job, with fertilising schedules and other maintenance on the cards every season. Keep your grass healthy and alive by maintaining its length, regularly aerating it, and ensuring proper water and nutrient supply all year round.

 4. Plant a succulent/rock garden

They’re all the rage and it’s easy to see why. On-trend, easy maintenance, and visually stunning, succulents have a lot to offer Perth front garden design. From a practical point of view, succulents are easy to get up and running in your garden, and from there maintaining them is easier than ever.

When getting started with succulents, make sure you:

  • Ensure proper drainage (overwatering is bad for succulents)
  • Ensure at least 6 hours of full sunlight per day
  • Keep them clean and free from dust or other ground covers
  • Check for bugs regularly

 5. Upgrade your entrance

The point of entry to your front garden is the entrance to your kingdom. You want to get it right. The point of entry is a great spot for a focal piece like an iron gate, vine-covered archway, or a sleek pavement arrangement to herald the start of your property.

Think about creating leading lines that accentuate the pathway leading to your front door. If your property is all fenced at the front, think about ways to beautify your external walls and create a lush environment within.

 6. Get creative with paving

Paving is more than just a surface to step on. It’s also a strong design tool that can be used to elevate your front garden design. Size and shape and arrangement all influence how large your front yard appears.

Large, wide pavers can create a unique sense of spaciousness, and if arranged in the right way can also divide spaces or sections within your garden. Use different levels to create a more dynamic and fluid design, or for a more understated, minimal design, arrange in symmetrical lines and maintain a low profile.

7. Add lighting

Lighting adds a strong design focus and can completely change how your garden looks at night. Combining water features with the right LED lighting can also work wonders through accenting strong lines and drawing focus to all the right places.

Lights also serve as an important security feature. Illuminating your property can protect against opportunistic thieves and create a safer outdoor environment for kids to play in. Consider adding a range of lights that line your pavers, fences, and central features.

 Bonus tip: Get the job done right with skilled Perth Landscapers

Upgrading your front yard can be a tricky business. You’ll want to make sure you’re going in with all bases covered, and a clear plan.

Take the stress out of your garden landscaping project and get local Perth landscapers in to assist. With all the right experience to deliver your project in your timeframe, you can make your front yard landscaping ideas a reality this season.


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