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8 Ways To Reduce Energy Bills In Commercial Properties

As a commercial property owner, you know well how energy consumption costs can affect your bottom line. Paying a huge amount of money for your building’s energy usage can be challenging for those who are running a small business with a tight budget. The good news is that there are many ways to minimize the energy bill in commercial properties.


Whether you own a big or small commercial property, below are some of the things you can do to save more money and reduce your energy bill in no time:

1. Invest In Solar Panels

Regardless of the type of commercial property you have, there are various reasons you should invest in solar panels. As the cost of energy increases, switching to solar energy is a valuable investment.

Solar panels can make a huge difference to your commercial properties as they can generate green and free electricity during daytime hours, reducing your property’s demand for energy and allowing you to save more money on energy bills. Moreover, you can enjoy asset write-off for commercial solar installations, which benefits all commercial property owners.

2. Get An Energy Audit

One of the ways to minimize your energy bills is to get an energy audit, which will help you determine your property’s average energy usage. Using this information, you can develop ideas on how to save more energy.

Throughout this process, professionals will visit your property and do a complete inspection of your location to check for insulation issues, air leaks, and opportunities to install some energy-efficient lights. However, just like when you’re ensuring and requesting pool safety and fence inspections, always rely on professionals to get the best results.

3. Improve Your Property’s Insulation

Adding extra insulation layers around your cooling and heating pipes, electrical outlets, and HVAC system can help minimize energy wastage and maintain your property’s energy efficiency. Adding insulation also provides resistance to heat flow and reduces cooling and heating costs without negatively impacting the level of comfort people experience in your commercial property.

Another great way to boost your property’s energy efficiency is to lessen heat loss by installing external or internal wall insulation. With external wall insulation, your property can benefit from aesthetic improvements in addition to enhancing thermal comfort. Some benefits of choosing external wall insulation include low maintenance and the disappearance of mold.

4. Program Your Thermostats

Another way to reduce the energy bill in your commercial property is to program your thermostats. Once you do this, you no longer have to cool or heat your property after everybody has gone home for the night.

Even if the working hours of your team may vary, using smart thermostats to manage your property’s temperature during off-hours can make a significant difference. Just be sure to invest in quality thermostats.

5. Consider Installing Power Management Software

Computer systems are some of the things that may consume the most energy in commercial properties. Fortunately, there’s a way to avoid energy waste, which is by using power management software. These are specifically designed for hard drives, computer monitors, and central processing units (CPUs), thus effectively managing and optimizing their energy usage.

However, make sure to use the best power management software that’s suited for your devices. If you don’t know which one can provide you the best results, shop around first and make a detailed comparison of the available power management software available.

6. Make The Most Of Natural Sunlight

If your commercial property is exposed to abundant natural light, take advantage of this free energy source. For instance, don’t turn on the lights on a sunny day, especially if you have big windows that provide all the illumination you need. Just make sure that it won’t affect your indoor temperature, as it may force your cooling system to consume more energy to keep your indoors warm and comfortable.

7. Upgrade To Energy-Efficient Equipment And Systems

Upgrading your old systems or appliances to energy-efficient models and units can help you reduce your energy bills in no time. Old systems aren’t only inefficient, but they also do a poor job. For instance, if you have an old HVAC system, it won’t be able to maintain good air quality properly and may consume more energy. Even if replacing your old systems can be expensive, it’s worth it because of the savings you can enjoy from your energy bills.

8. Turn Off Your Lights When Not In Use

More often than not, commercial property owners always leave the lights on, especially in areas such as conference rooms, bathrooms, and break rooms. For this reason, your energy bills may continue to increase. As a solution, use sensor lights to keep the lights on only when in use. They’ll automatically turn off when there’s nobody who needs lights, which can conserve energy and cut costs.

Bottom Line

Reducing energy bills in commercial properties can be challenging, but it’s possible with the right solutions. All you have to do is review your monthly energy bills, install solar panels, upgrade to energy-efficient appliances, and improve your property’s insulation. Once you’ve done the above tips as soon as possible, you can be assured that you’ll get lower energy bills and enjoy savings over time.


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