9 Artistic Stair Railing Design Concepts for Your Next Home Renovation

August 24, 2021



A staircase is one of the large structures that can make a statement and impression in someone’s home. Even though they may appear to be simple, there are several ways to make them distinctive and unique, even if it is as simplistic as an additional design element in the handrails. Here are some noteworthy railing designs for your stairs to get you started:

1. Combine Wood and Metal

Metal railings combined with wood staircases may provide a contemporary farmhouse impression or just give a sophisticated and beautiful accent to the area. You may also get artistic with the forms, hues, and patterns in the balusters to create an exclusive appearance.

Take into account using steel pipes linked to wooden columns instead of a traditional handrail. This not only generates something quaint and one that is a significant part of a farmhouse style, but it also has an artisan feel to it, making it appear to be an unprecedented masterpiece.

2. Make Use of Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes can be as basic as a couple of crossbars across traditional railings. Additionally, railings can be run adjacent to the stairwells to form a parallel railing. Balusters may also be used to construct more intricate art deco-inspired forms for a delicate and modest-looking architectural feature. It is also great to opt for regular balusters and then involve grill patterns all around to provide an artistic touch to the staircase.

3. Choose Dark Colors

Whether the railings are simplistic or intricate in design, using black or another dark hue may produce an intriguing effect. Dark railings, whether contrasted with lighter steps or coupled with darker staircases, may create a contemporary aesthetic, or give a sense of industrial style to a space.

4. Go with Iron Spindles

For stair balustrades, iron spindles may be a practical and elegant alternative. Railings can be kept at a conventional height. Alternatively, if a section of the staircase is obstructed by a barrier, the spindles might reach the ceiling for the few stairs that extend beyond the wall. Because iron and other metals are very flexible, clients can certainly be inventive with the spindle structure.

5. Opt for Slim and Light Rails

For those who prefer a bright and airy effect in a space, keeping the stair rails thin, open, and bright in hue is advisable. While contrast may produce an intriguing aesthetic, complementing the clean and fresh appearance can make the space feel and seem livelier and more inviting. This may also be used to take a practical touch to the staircase design. Tension wire is another alternative for a unique minimalistic appearance. This frequently provides the impression of floating steps while yet giving the security of rails in a novel and fascinating way.

6. Turn the Railing into a Sculpture

Instead of using balusters, another unique stair railings layout concept is to turn the railings into a sculpture. The whole railing would be an enclosed structure for this design, similar to a customized carved wall, with a balustrade for enhanced stability and protection when utilizing it. Take note of choosing materials that complement the rest of the walls, or go with bespoke steel for a more dramatic, industrialized effect.

7. Include Glass Panels

Glass panels with a top railing that complements the wooden or metal staircase offer a contemporary touch to a certain space. Another alternative is to remove the top rail and replace it with floating glass walls adjacent to the staircase. In addition to being distinctive and having a simultaneously innovative and classic style, glass keeps the staircase exposed and apparent. Furthermore, because glass reflects light, it may make a room or corridor appear wider and livelier.

8. Select Bold Colors

There are countless color possibilities accessible for staircases and railings that are beyond the normal spectrum, thanks to varied wood treatments and metal finishes. Rather than using traditional colors like white or black, consider using bright shades like blue, crimson, green, or something unexpected.

9. Use History as an Inspiration

History can certainly be a terrific source of inspiration for a house design, particularly for those who want to go for a more conventional, vintage, or antique appearance. Those who appreciate an elaborate feature or another historical design, can take influence from it and incorporate it into the house. This might include handcrafted decorations, elaborate graphic cuts, and more.


Those were only several stair railings design concepts to motivate those who are visualizing their ideal house, whether it's building a stunning entryway or bringing some flair to a staircase elsewhere in the home. For those who are ready to come up with their stairwell designs, custom railings by Creative Metal are certainly the best choice. With this custom signage-making company, every vision can be turned into a reality.


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