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9 Insane Overhead Garage Storage Ideas That You Can Use Today



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Overhead garage storage is meant to keep your additional items that cover extra space in your house and are seldom used. These include sports kits, bicycles, stands, boards, etc. In order to utilize the space in your home effectively and adjust these additional items, you set up overhead garage storage that can encompass all these items without any inconvenience. In order to effectively adjust these items, you must set up a compact and organized overhead garage storage. There are many ideas that can help you effectively store items in your garage. It will be extremely satisfying and pleasant to have your home neat through few essential tips. Following are the essential overhead garage storage ideas that you can use today:

  1. Ceiling Mounted Storage Racks

The first and foremost step is to clear up the floor space. You can utilize that space above and store items on a ceiling-mounted storage rack through overhead garage storage. You can place these items in colorful boxes for your convenience.

2. Hang Gloves and Tools Up

Little items like gloves and gardening tool kits can be stored by hanging them up on the wall mount hooks. This way, they will be visible and easily accessible to you. This is an organized approach for small items.

3. Adjust Bikes on Wall Hooks

If you love cycling and bikes but do not have enough storage to keep them, bike hooks will be the solution. Hang your bikes along the wall; this will also act as a good wall accessory.

4. Yard Tool Storage

Designate a wall for the storage of yard tools. Install two vertical racks and each rack will have slots of different heights. You can easily place your yard tools like edging spade, digging tools, garden fork, etc.

5. Store Screws in Plastic Boxes

There are special plastic organizer boxes that store little items like screws, bits and bobs. If you keep them for future use, then place them in these transparent and aesthetically colorful organizer boxes.

6. Steel Storage Cupboards

There are steel storage cupboards that are quite durable and can store your additional, useless items. They have high shelf load capacities and they are quite tough in texture.

7. Pegboards

To have an alternative to the storage bin system, you can install blank pegboards. These are cheaper and highly effective. You can attach anything you like to them for storage.

8. Magnetic Wall Strips

Magnetic strips are an easy way to arrange your tools or anything that you need quick access to. When the things are in your visions, you won’t forget about them.

9. Ladder Hooks

You can easily keep huge items like ladders out of the way and organize by hanging them on your garage wall. These can be hanged on long U hooks, walls, or ceilings. It is an effective way to store a ladder and then use it whenever you need it. You can also style this ladder aesthetically, so it looks like an accessory and not just a stored item.

Overhead garage storage is an effective way to store your undesired or less frequently used items. You can store them in your garage by following all the above-mentioned ideas. These will help you access all your items whenever you need them. They free up space, so you get rid of useless items in your home and feel tidiness around.


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