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Are LED Lights A Good Selection For Your Bedroom?

Have you been thinking of switching the old, boring incandescent bulbs for trendy new LED bulbs or Led strips?

LED bulbs and strips are useful on so many levels and they are absolutely beautiful too! You might be wondering what difference these beauties make to your bedroom. Opting for a LED-lighted bedroom means opting for a bedroom personalized according to your likes and moods.

7 Reasons Why LED Lights Are A Good Selection For Your Bedroom

Here is a list of reasons why you should light up your bedroom, the LED style!



One of the most discussed pros of using LED bulbs over other light bulbs is energy-saving and cost-efficiency. LED lights require minimal energy compared to other incandescent light bulbs.

Most energy used by incandescent light bulbs is converted into heat energy rather than light energy. This calls for expensive energy bills and a hot, uncomfortable bedroom.

This is also harmful to the environment as most of these bulbs cannot be recycled. However, most LED supplies can be recycled and it is safe for the environment as well.

A good LED bulb or LED strip will help you save money as well as protect the environment. It is pocket-friendly and environment-friendly too! And you know what the best part is? You can improve the aesthetics of your room by simply looping the ED strip and putting it in a decorative glass bottle!

Various Colour Options


Who would want to stay with one boring color when you can have a range of options. LED bulbs and LED light strips can be customized in cooler and warmer tones according to your likes.

LED strip lights also come in different colors. You can give your bedroom atmosphere with your favorite colors. Newer technologies also allow you to alternate between your favorite colors.

Good quality LED strips bought from a reliable LED strip supplier can give you a range of beautiful color options to color your bedroom. Installing LED strip lights is very easy as well.

You Can Dim LED Lights


How often did you want to adjust the lighting in your room according to your mood? LED lights are the way to go when you want to dim or brighten the light according to your wish.

You can customize your room in cooler or warmer colors according to your wish. You can dim the light or brighten it, all according to your mood. This enhances your mood, also helping you to efficiently work your tasks too.

This is one of the popular reasons why LED lights are more popular these days. It is convenient after all!

They Light Up Instantly


How often have you walked into your room after a tiring day only to wait a long time for the lights to brighten up your bedroom? So let’s change that old bulb for new efficient LED bulbs!

LED lights light up instantly. You don’t have to wait around in a dark room until the room lightens up. With LED bulbs and Led strips, your room will be lightened up immediately.




The Led bulbs last much longer than the filament in normal bulbs. LED bulbs have almost 50 times the lifespan of a normal incandescent bulb.

This reduces the cost of having to change the light bulb often and adds to its goodness of being pocket-friendly.

They Are Safe


There are times we are scared to change out light bulbs for new ones out of fear of fire accidents. There are also chances we might burn our hands.

Compared to other bulbs, the chances of a fire accident are minimal. Changing an LED bulb is much easier than changing any other light bulb because LED light bulbs do not produce as much heat compared to other light bulbs.

However, it is still important to know how to work your way around LED light bulbs. Remember to get your LED strips from a quality supplier. LED bulbs should also be bought after a good amount of consideration.

Operates On Low Voltage

LEDs are capable of working on a low voltage. So, if you are facing issues with voltage and power fluctuation, or just generally, you want your light to operate on a low voltage lighting system, then LED should be your choice.

While the normal lights require almost 120 volts lighting system, LED lights can operate on a lighting system with as low as 12 to 15 volts. Because of this reason, LED lights are also a preferred option in flood-prone areas, so as to reduce the risk of electric mishaps.

Cons of LED Lights In Bedrooms

Every good thing has a flip side and LED lights have them too. There are a few negative points about LEDs that you should keep in mind before decorating your room with them.

Blue Light

LED lights can give out blue light that can be found in televisions and smartphones. These blue lights can result in sleep deprivation.


These lights can flicker even if they can be dimmed or brighten according to one’s likes.

Depreciation In Brightness

Even though LED lights are much longer-lasting than other bulbs, they can dim over time depending on the material used to make them.


LED lights are a beautiful addition to your bedroom. You can customize the color and lights according to your likes. Then why not consider giving your personal sanctuary and your bedroom a new life with these trendy lights.


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