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Before You Buy a Cannabis Making Equipment, Read This!

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Are you looking for an easy way to process cannabis into different products? The ideal cannabis-making machines churn out products that are safe and potent. You can process cannabis in different ways, but it all depends on the machine you use.

Therefore, whether you’re still trying to kick start your business or you have already established your presence in the cannabis market, you must consider certain factors. This will save you headaches and time when buying equipment for cannabis extraction. Also, knowing the exact specs you want ensures the machine vendors give you the right item.

Things to Know Before Buying a Cannabis Extraction Machine

Here are things you should consider when planning to buy equipment for your cannabis business:

Do You Want to Process Hemp, Marijuana, or Both?

This is a basic question for every cannabis manufacturer. So you need to decide whether you want to produce just marijuana or you will introduce hemp later. The manufacturing and processing requirements for both plants are not the same and they depend on the cannabis species you want to process.

Gaining clarity on the future of your business from the start will prepare the ground for every other thing. You can read this article to learn the differences between marijuana and hemp.

What is the Expected Throughput?

Throughput refers to the volume of plants you want to process. This information is critical but quite difficult to ascertain when you want to start a cannabis business. Although you may not be able to get an accurate answer, it is important to have a fair idea. There are other things you need to consider when deciding on the throughput.

The Size of Crops You Have

If you’re growing your own plant, whether marijuana or hemp, you need to know the size. You should also take note of the farm’s acreage or the greenhouse size. This will help to forecast the future yields.

The Number of People You Are Producing For

When you have determined the crop size, you need to decide on the volume of products you want to process. You may start processing for a few people, but you should think about how to expand production later.

What Products Will You Make?

Liquid Gold: Engineers Strike Oil Making Customized Extractors for Cannabis

The type of products you plan to make determines the equipment you need to buy. Whether they are marijuana or hemp products, the equipment supplier should know the specific products you want to manufacture. The products also determine the type of solvent you will use. Some popular products you can manufacture are:

Hemp Products

  • Isolates
  • Oils

Marijuana Products

  • Butters
  • Waxes
  • Shatters
  • Cartridges
  • Tinctures
  • Edibles
  • Oils

If you want to run different solvents, the supplier will recommend a setup with 2 small extraction lines. This will allow you to produce various products now or as your business grows.

What Solvent Do You Prefer?

When you are in the market for cannabis extraction equipment, most suppliers may want to make decisions for you concerning solvents. But you need to know your preferred option because those suppliers will make recommendations based on what they have in their stores.

The solvents are either alcohol-based or carbon dioxide-based. Each type has benefits and drawbacks, and it will be helpful to understand how they work. You can visit to learn about cannabis extraction methods.

Do You Have a License and/or Facility?

The other points we discussed are specifically about the equipment requirements, but manufacturers of cannabis products should have licenses and facilities. When negotiating the cost of the equipment with the supplier, you may not have a license or facility. But the supplier should explain the requirements that will ensure you offer legal services in your location.

Does Your Team Need Training?

This may come as an afterthought especially when you have calculated the cost of equipment. But you need to consider buying from a company that offers face-to-face training. This will be particularly useful for your business as it grows.

Your team may consist of experienced cannabis extractions technicians. In that case, they only need basic training on installation and equipment operation. But if you have a team of inexperienced technicians or people who have never worked in the industry, they will require extensive training.

They need to know the distillation practices, processing methods for large-scale production, and techniques for craft products. Hence, knowing the type of training your team requires will help you choose the right equipment supplier.

Do You Have a Lab Design or an Established Laboratory?

Not every equipment manufacturer will assist you in this area. But a few of them have in-house designers that can help you put things together before your equipment arrives. The solutions may include modular pods for outdoor extraction or prefabricated rooms for indoor extraction.

You can also get a complete custom laboratory design plan with plumbing, mechanical, and engineering drawings and protocol. Also, if you will need assistance with the lab infrastructure, you can share the information with the equipment supplier. They may be able to help as well.

Do Not Be in a Hurry

We understand the excitement and eagerness of purchasing cannabis equipment to kick start your business or start a new line of cannabis product production. But it will benefit you more to quickly identify a cannabis extraction machine supplier before designing the laboratory.

You also need to make sure that you have clear specifications of the machines you want to buy. These activities must be done prudently to avoid costly mistakes. So do not be in a hurry to start your business.

Final Hit – Things to Know Before Buying a Cannabis Making Machine

There are various cannabis-making machines on the market, and they vary according to the type of solvent, price, and size. The best machine for you is dependent on whether you want to produce hemp or marijuana or both, the throughput, your choice of solvent, the products you will make, the size of your lab, and your budget. When you figure out these factors and the others we discussed in this guide, you are all set to go!



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