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Best Places to Visit on A Trip to The Maldives

The place of islands is also known as the paradise of Islands, Maldives. The islands represent oases of beauty and peace. The unforgettable beauty of White beaches attracts a lot of tourists every year. The white beaches are covered with millions of Beautiful Palm trees which increase their significance many times. The turquoise Lagoons and Marine beauty of Maldives is the key source of attraction to thousands of visitors. The country is spread over an area of 90,000 sq km with more than 1196 islands. Below are the top 6 places to visit during a trip to the Maldives.

#1 Bikini Beach

One of the most beautiful islands of Maldives, with stretches of about 50 metres is the Bikini beach. The beauty of White beach with tall Palm trees will surely lead you to fall in love with the Maldives. During the daytime, when the sun is shining brightly, the beauty of this place is not defined by words, the white beach shines like white gold and the blue ocean and sky make the view more exotic. The place is definitely to be your Paradise in the Maldives. You must include this beautiful island in your Maldives holiday package treasuring worthy moments.

#2 HP Reef

The amazing reef is located in North Male Atoll. The soft coral capital of the world, HP Reef, is famous for being one of the best diverse sights. The Reef is the home to various Reef fishes and other beautiful marine species like Grey Reef eagle rays, sharks, Tunas and much more. November to February is the best time to visit this wonderful sight of diving and enjoy a pleasant experience of diving. Thousands of tourists visit this place each year and have their first experience of diving. No words can explain the beauty of HP Reef.

#3 Bandaara Kilhi Lake

One of the two freshwater lakes in the Maldives with its crystal-clear water provides you with the destination you want. The lake is a rich depository of many minerals. There is a deck from where you can enjoy the most beautiful view of the lake, the area is government protected, that’s why you are not supposed to swim there. The lake is covered with rich wildlife and vegetation mainly with Coconut, mangoes and Palm trees. Early in the morning is the best time to visit the site, when the red sun splits the whole background.

#4 Manta Point

The place provides you with the chance to have the closest view to the beautiful Manta rays, Manta Point is a famous diving spot where freshers come to learn diving and visitors enjoy the underwater marine view. Stay calm underwater, the beautiful Manta approaches you and you will feel the touch of the creature that will be the most unforgettable experience of your life. From April to September is the best time to visit the place because of the mating season of Manta Rays, nearly millions of Manta rays gather there. Let’s have a visit to the beautiful place during your Maldives trip.

#5 Tsunami Monument

The structure of steel is another best place to visit in the Maldives; it is a reminder of the devastating powers of nature to humans and the destruction caused by natural disasters. There are 20 steel bars around the structure representing all 20 atolls of Maldives. The structure is dedicated to the victims who lost their life in Tsunamis. The beautiful and enormous structure is surrounded by green vegetation and a park that makes the view more romantic and exotic. Let’s have a visit to this awesome place while you are in Male, Maldives.


#6 Ithaa Undersea Restaurant

If you are on a trip to the Maldives and have not visited Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, your trip doesn’t matter. The most beautiful underwater hotel lies between 5 meters below sea level, providing you with an enormous view of Marine life, a little expensive but worth the money. If you are with your Crush, nothing is better than this site to help her. The place offers a 180° view of beautiful marine life while providing you with yummy and delicious food. Let’s have your lunch underwater and enjoy marine life with your friends while you trip to the Maldives.


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