Brick Repair: 3 Sure Signs Your Bricks Need Repairing

August 27, 2021


Did you know bricks originated in 7,000 B.C.? They are one of the oldest building materials.

Bricks are still the main component of houses and buildings and you need to maintain them over the years. Keep reading and we will walk you through the three sure signs you need brick repair.

1. Can You Remove it and Turn the Brick Around?

If the outside of your brick looks worn, you might be able to pull the brick out of the wall and turn it around to the other side. If it's your house, you will want to decide if you want to get new bricks.

However, if it's an old building and you want to preserve that has historic value, you can turn around all of the bricks to keep the same structure and maintain the historic feel.

2. Is There Visible Damage?

If the bricks look worn or are crumbling visibly, you will need new bricks. The color will look faded, there may be cracks, and the brick will look and feel damaged.

You may not need to replace all of the bricks at once, but you should replace any that are falling apart with visible damage.

If you don't know how to replace them correctly, even if it's just one, consult a professional and they can walk you through it or do it for you.

3. Unstable Structure

Did you know an average house is made up of a little over 5,000 bricks? That is a lot of bricks keeping your house together.

If any part of your house is leaning, bowing over, or looks unstable in any way you will want to call a repair service immediately. They might tell you it may be best and safest to replace the whole wall.

Brick Repair

The best way to prevent a large brick issue is to catch the issue early. Brick restoration involves updating the appearance and making sure it's maintaining its structure as well.

You have to repair the damage to the brick and the mortar that holds them together. Then you need to update the color to bring back the brightness.

Then, you need to replace any loose or cracked bricks. This process involves commercial masonry repair.

You will want to consult a professional before repairing your bricks because you don't want to unnecessarily cause more damage or replace them incorrectly.

If they aren't replaced in the right way, it could cause issues with the structure of your home or building.

Do My Bricks Need Repairing

Whether your bricks are visibly damaged or causing your home or building to lean, you will want to call a professional immediately to prevent any further issues or damage.

The three ways you can tell if you're having an issue include can you remove the brick and turn it around, does it look visibly damaged, or is the structure of your home or building is unstable.

Assess your house and make sure you're keeping up with brick repair and restoration or keep reading about urban splatter architecture.



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One comment on “Brick Repair: 3 Sure Signs Your Bricks Need Repairing”

  1. Catching a brick issue early sounds like a good idea for our outdoor patio area. Rather than wait for it to break and spend a lot of money trying to fix it, dealing with the issue as soon as possible sounds a lot better so we can use that area in peace. I'll go and look for any brick repair experts in the area that can help me with this kind of maintenance immediately.

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