Considering a Move to Florida? Read These Essential Tips

August 7, 2021

Floridians know that their state is an oasis for everyone around the world. With Florida's beautiful beaches, festive culture, and fun theme parks, they know there aren't many places that can top that. The Sunshine State as they call it is home to manatees, warm weather, and a lot of people on vacation. There are many reasons why you should move to Florida, but if you're still considering, it may be because of the population of alligators or its high winds and hurricanes. No matter where you go on this wonderful Earth, you will be faced with dangers you'd not rather have. Nothing is perfect, but Florida is close.


Here are some essential tips when considering a move to Florida.

Get ready to have a lot of fun in the sun.



Florida's the Sunshine State for the obvious reason that it has some of the best beaches to bask in the sun or take a Tampa shark fishing charter. Their white sands and warm weather will make you feel like you're always on vacation. Florida residents are a mix between seniors or retirees and vibrant young people. You will not get tired of meeting new people and hanging out on the different gorgeous beaches from Miami Beach to South Beach and Clearwater Beach to the plethora of white sand beaches in the Florida Keys. So if you're looking to keep your tan all year long, Florida may just be the place for you.

Don't be shy, and enjoy the theme parks.



Another thing to consider when moving to the Sunshine State is the theme parks. If you're a fan of Disney World or Universal Studios then you're on the right path to Florida. The theme parks at Orlando make up a large part of Florida's entertainment. Families from all over the world plan their vacations exclusively around theme parks and for many good reasons. You can enjoy riding the rollercoasters, petting dolphins, and dancing with Mickey Mouse and his friends. Not to mention, their theme park resorts are attractions themselves. They also have discounts for Florida residents, so if you want to go to the theme parks 20 times a year, you can do so without making a hole in your pocket.

Prepare to have the best weather on the mainland.



In addition to beautiful white sand beaches and theme parks, Florida is known for having warm weather all year round. It's the main reason why people all over the (cold) world fly down to the Sunshine State for vacation. They want to escape the freezing temperatures in their homes and go to paradise. However, it's good to keep in mind that Florida is also famous for being in the path of many hurricanes. So if you want to live here, you have to prepare your home for when a hurricane hits. This includes setting up shutters or storm panels and hiring an HVAC expert company like Franks AC to prepare your HVAC system for a hurricane. When a storm hits, you'll want your HVAC system to be properly maintained and equipped with a smart thermostat to monitor the humidity, thus preventing mildew and leaks.

Save more of the money you make at your Florida job.



Lastly, income tax is another reason to move to Florida… because you won't have to pay it. Florida is one of the few income tax-free places in the United States. Thanks to the crowds of millions of tourists who swarm its resorts, theme parks, and beautiful beaches, Florida's government doesn't see it necessary to apply an income tax on its residents. This is a green light for everyone who wants to save more money from their paycheck.


Floridians can vouch for how amazing the Sunshine State is, so why not become one yourself?


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