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Could Green Energy be the most effective Alternative to Fossil Fuels?

According to a recent report, wind and solar energy have the potential to meet global electricity demand 100 times over. What’s more, the cost of renewables is falling – and we could well see green energy take over entirely by 2035.

Below, discover why green energy is an excellent alternative to fossil fuels, from the environmental benefits to job opportunities and falling prices.

It’s better for the environment.

By using green energy such as solar panels, hydropower and wind turbines, instead of fossil fuels, we can cut down on the production of dangerous greenhouse gases, which are harming the ozone layer and our health.

Renewable energy sources don’t create damaging by-products and will be available to use as long as the wind blows, rivers run, and the sun shines.

It’s easily accessible.

Green energy is accessible in most corners of the world. It needn’t take up as much room as you think either. According to Carbon Tracker, the amount of land required for solar panels to provide energy to power the globe sits at just 0.3% of land area – which is less than the current land footprint of fossil fuel infrastructure.

It’s easy for homeowners and businesses to get on board too, as it’s never been easier to hire a professional to install solar panels to your roof.

It’s cheaper

As fossil fuels become scarcer, demand increases, which means prices are sure to skyrocket shortly. In comparison, increased environmental awareness means green energy is slowly becoming more pocket-friendly.

The cost of renewable energy has fallen in the last three years, so half of solar and wind technology now has economic potential.

According to the International Renewable Energy Agency, the cost of electricity from solar photovoltaics fell 82%. What’s more, Australian households that install a small-scale renewable energy system may be eligible to receive help with the purchase cost under the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme. This may include small-scale wind systems, hydro systems, air-source heat pumps or solar water heaters.

Solar systems in particular, have never been cheaper, as prices have dropped by more than 75% in the last five years.

It will never run out.

Fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas are made over hundreds and thousands of years, and once they eventually run out, we’ll need to look for an alternative – and fast. That’s where green energy comes in. With experts predicting that fossil fuels will run out in less than 100 years, renewable energy has been ramped up, with solar, wind, and water playing a valuable role.

It doesn’t matter if the sun goes behind the clouds or the wind slows down either, as solar and wind farms store energy where necessary.


It’s a great investment. 

Contrary to popular belief, renewable energy is a cost-effective choice. The installation of wind turbines or solar panels do present a high upfront cost, but they’re a long-term investment – especially for homeowners and businesses.

Renewable energy sources cost a lot less to maintain than gas or power stations too, as there is less risk involved. For instance, you need to get rid of flammable waste when dealing with fossil fuels, which costs time and money.

It’s reliable 

Green energy gives businesses and homeowners the chance to become independent from the national grid. Instead of having to worry about your energy supplier upping the cost of electricity, you can rely upon your own source. What’s more, if there is a power outage in the local area, you won’t be affected.


It will create more jobs

Renewable energy has already created thousands of new jobs around the world, especially in rural areas.

They also present safer environments for workers compared to plants powered by fossil fuels with less risk of collapse, explosions, and dangerous fumes.

As outlined above, renewable energy is becoming an increasingly effective alternative for powering our homes, businesses and lifestyles. Not only will green energy enable us to reduce our environmental footprint, but it’s a cheaper, more accessible energy source that will secure more jobs for future generations.  


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