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How Interior Design Changed This Year

Interior design is one of those areas of fashion and style that moves at a snail’s pace in one way, and very rapidly in other ways. The main styles are slow to be adopted, they usually hang around for a few years and everything around them comes along for the ride. One of the things that has changed for this year is the fact that there is a lot more decoration around the home. Maximalism is making its way onto center stage as this is where SHOWROOM has flourished. There are so many artistic pieces and items you can place around the home, to fill it with your personality. Here are just some of the trends that have burst onto the scene this year.

Blues and greens

In a recent detailed article, Coveteur explored how blue and green have been the double act to invade our living rooms. Blue and green living rooms are fantastic when mixed with some traditional familiar colors like brown, grey, white. Green furniture is something that takes some getting used to but once you have placed some items around the room that compliment it, it just feels natural. Blue walls and art pieces such as vases and lamps are a great addition and support greens well. Make sure you always balance the room out with some natural materials in white and beige, such as linen curtains, rugs and sofa pillows. You can also explore linen wallpaper for a natural texture.

Earth tones

Earth tones have always felt warm, comfy, homely, and natural. According to Vogue, earth tones are some of the most popular ways to dish out your home. Whether it’s for the seating, the carpet, or perhaps artistic items around the home, yellow, brown, red, and orange are all your top choices. It can turn a cold clinical home that is bathed in neutral, look far more like a place you could curl up in, and take a nap. Earth tones are unique in that, you really can’t overdose on them. There’s a bit like neutrals, whereby the entire room can be drenched in one family of colors. Try painting your kitchen in a forest brown, or perhaps a coffee table that has a nice rich red sheen. Earth tone plant pots, drawings, paintings and more, can all be placed on the walls too.

Real-life green

More and more plants are making their way into the home. Maybe it’s the eco-friendly movement that the interior design world is experiencing at the moment. But perhaps the real reason why more plants are seen around the house is that it’s something living. We have been surrounded by synthetics in the home, and when you have something that is living, growing, breathing, and also changing the atmosphere of a room, it’s a pretty powerful thing. So house plants such as calamondin, bird of paradise, howea forsteriana, and more should be explored.

If you need some help deciding what kind of style you should explore for your own home, explore our range of artistic items to get inspired. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.


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