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How to Choose a 3D Printer: Important Things to Look For


If you’d like to buy a 3D printer, you must know what to look for in one.

Figuring out where to look for 3D printers is the easy part of the process. However, many people have a hard time knowing how to choose a 3D printer. To make things simple, all you must do is consider several factors.

We’ll outline the things to look for in a 3D printer so you can decide which one is best for you. After selecting a 3D printer, you can immediately start making whatever you’d like.

Read on to learn about how to choose a 3D printer.


When selecting a 3D printer, one of the main things you should consider is the cost. Before buying one, it’s best to come up with a budget to prevent yourself from overspending. You can get a better idea of how much a 3D printer costs by looking online.

You’ll find a plethora of printers from under $1,000, though the best 3D printers are more expensive. If you’re looking to get one for a hobby, you can buy a cheaper one. However, anyone that wants to make things like product prototypes will need to spend more.


The size of a 3D printer is also an important factor because it’ll determine how large your models can be. You can expect larger 3D printers to be more expensive, but they can get more done.

Think about what you’d like to use the 3D printer for so you can decide what the optimal size would be. If you check out the Stratasys 3D printers, you can see how large printers can be.


Many of the best 3D printers come pre-built. While they’re optimal for anyone that wants to get them running as quickly as possible, they may come with heftier price tags.

Instead of buying a pre-built one, you can get the parts to build one. This would allow you to come up with custom 3D printer specifications that’ll suit your needs without breaking the bank.


Many people overlook safety when using 3D printers, but they can get extremely hot when printing an object. Because of this, you should find a printer that has an enclosure over the printing area. This will prevent anyone from accidentally touching the hot plastic.

You should also ensure that the room is ventilated to get rid of fumes coming from the printer. The best 3D printers have tubes that’ll help you direct fumes to a certain area.

Now You Know How to Choose a 3D Printer

Knowing what to look for in a 3D printer will help you find one that has everything you need. As you can see, finding out how to choose a 3D printer just takes considering a few things.

Whether you’d like to make 3D models as a hobby or for a business, we encourage you to start looking online for the best 3D printers. Check out different 3D printer specifications to get a better idea of what you want.

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