How to Feng Shui Your Bedroom?

August 18, 2021

Feng Shui is the Chinese term for "Wind and Water". It is the most commonly used term in homes throughout the world to explain how to create a better atmosphere in your bedroom. The theory behind Feng Shui is that every single object has positive and negative energy. When you surround yourself with objects that have positive energy, it will be easy for you to get a good sleep at night.

On the other hand, if you surround yourself with objects that have negative energy, it will be very difficult for you to get a good night's rest. In Feng Shui theory, there are five elements that you should focus on when decorating your bedroom. You need to choose every element carefully so that the results will be unique and very beautiful. If you are looking for tips on how to Feng shui your bedroom, here are some things you need to know about each of the five elements.

Elements of Feng Shui and its Applications

Metal:-The metal element is one of the most important characteristics of Feng Shui. The main purpose of this element is to provide a form of balance. In choosing a bedroom decor, you must make sure that the color of the metal is in harmony with the color of the walls. Choosing a color for metal is similar to choosing a color for your furniture. It all comes down to choosing the appropriate color according to the space available.

Wood:- Wood is another important characteristic of bedroom decor. This element is said to represent time passing. It is also considered a solid foundation and metal reflects light to your bedroom. When you combine wood and metal, it creates an inviting environment. Wood provides the element of earth, which will enhance the fire. You can enhance your wood element by installing some Asian furniture pieces in your bedroom. A small Feng Shui mirror can be very effective if it is placed on top of a large wooden bed. It adds more depth to a small bedroom to make it look bigger.

Furthermore, adding a wooden bedside table can complete your bedroom ambiance. However, it would be best to ensure that the bedside table is free from electronics, food, beverages, and other sources of stress. In addition, you should get a nightstand with rounded corners that isn’t lower than the top of your mattress. You can find these wooden furniture items online at stores like Dreamo Living.

Glass:- Glass is another beautiful element for Feng Shui. Glass represents elegance and beauty. This is one of the preferred materials by most designers when it comes to making a bathroom or bedroom decor. However, there are a few reminders before choosing glass for your home.

This element is related to metal and wood. When the two are combined, it gives a clear focus to the outside environment. This is great if you want to introduce some China into your bedroom. Glass also reflects light into the room and can be a good choice for a bathroom if you want to add a touch of nature. It can also be perfect for a bedroom if you are interested in adding some Asian designs. Metal is usually considered to be very passive. If you would like to improve the energy in your bedroom, you can choose some metal artworks or a metal plant that is appropriate to the season.


Earth:- Earth is the fourth element with Feng Shui. Earth is associated with the element's metal, water, and wood. It brings a natural flow of energy. If you are going to install a desk in your bedroom, you can consider having an earth element in the design. This can be achieved by using some artistic patterns and a few natural elements.

You can incorporate earth elements in your bedroom by adding soft yellows, earth greens, or terra cotta through pillows and blankets. Choose square rugs in brown, green, or other earthy colors, mimicking the earth's energy. Moreover, hanging or displaying artwork can instantly bring natural elements into your bedroom. Choose the finest pieces with neutral tones and rectangular or square shapes.

Water:- The fifth element with Feng Shui is water. Water can add a playful energy to the bedroom. If you are not interested in any form of symbolism, this will most likely do the trick. You can also choose to have a small fountain in your bedroom. Water brings the element of air into the bedroom. Air is very important to the well-being of all of the other Feng Shui elements. Water can help cleanse and rejuvenate your bedroom.

Bedroom Application of Feng Shui

The most important area to work with when it comes to applying Feng Shui in your bedroom is the bed. It is best if this is the main focal point of the room. Try to have this area clean and organized by putting in a bed frame. This will not only give the bedroom a more professional and elegant look but also increase its functionality. Also, do keep in mind that you must not overcrowd the area so that it does not look cramped.

Besides Placing the bed in the right order it is also important that it provides maximum comfort with a comfy mattress and pillow. Some comfortable pillows such as wedge pillows can be used as they allow for more comfort during slumber as well as relief for your neck and shoulders from the strain and pressure that you are putting on them every night. Not everybody is comfortable sleeping on their stomach, either. Many people want to sleep on their side or their tummy. Wedge pillows will give the lower back a little elevation and even raise the legs to help keep the lower back from stress.

Applying Feng Shui in your bedroom, the color scheme should be very subtle and enhance the natural beauty of the room. It is important to choose a color that is relaxing and soothing such as white, off-white, or even a color of light blue. You can make use of dark colors in the form of black or red but these colors should be kept in the background. Light-colored furniture is best and you can use all the colors of the bed linen to complement the room.

There are several Feng Shui remedies that you can use in the room that is affected by the imbalance such as adding more green plants around the room. The water element should be flowing continuously and this can be achieved by placing a plant in every corner that has a window. In addition, you should add more water as well as wind chimes to appease the wind. You can also have a crystal plant in each room because it helps create positive energy and balance the existing positive energy.

Besides mapping the right Feng Shui directions you must also consider that the bedroom provides ultimate comfort which can be done with a quality mattress pillow and a blanket. There are various blankets out there but the most popular ones are the duvet and the comforter. If you do a size comparison between the duvet size vs the comforter sizes. It has been observed that Duvets are smaller to comforter but the duvets are the most comfortable.

Feng Shui Remedies

There are several Feng Shui remedies that you can use in the room that is affected by the imbalance such as adding more green plants around the room. The water element should be flowing continuously and this can be achieved by placing a plant in every corner that has a window. In addition, you should add more water as well as wind chimes to appease the wind. You can also have a crystal plant in each room because it helps create positive energy and balance the existing positive energy.

You can display crystals in your bedroom as a feng shui remedy. Remember that healing crystals can reduce stress and anxiety associated with sleep disorders. You can place healing crystals near the bed, on the windowsill, in the corners of your room, or under your pillow to eliminate negative vibes. For instance, rose quartz provides a soothing room ambiance, while amethyst heart geodes are stress-relievers perfect for bedrooms. Similarly, clear quartz promotes rejuvenating sleep because of its pure vibrational energies.


Following these simple steps should help you learn how to Feng shui your bedroom. This simple step can enhance any bedroom and help you get that much-needed chi flowing through the room. You should start seeing more positive energy and a clearer mind.




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