How to find the Best Estate Agents to sell your house

August 31, 2021

In this competitive market, selling a house is never easy. If you are planning on selling your house, it is always a good idea to hire as they can facilitate a direct cash sale of your property within 28 days. Since you do not sell a property every day, why not leave it to the experts? A good estate agent will make the process of selling your home seamless and easy, thereby reducing the burden on you. All you have to do, as a seller, is choose a good estate agent. Here is how you can find the best estate agents to sell your home!

1 Decide how many agents you want to hire

First and foremost, you need to decide whether you want to hire one estate agent or multiple agents to help you sell your home. Most estate agents earn money by getting a certain percentage of the total sale price as their commission, so at the end of the day, it is your choice whether you want just one estate agent handling your property, or multiple. Usually, most sellers prefer to hire one agent to avoid paying higher fees.

2 Get in touch with multiple agents

In order to find the right estate agent for you, you need to get in touch with multiple agents. Ask your friends and family members for references, and start looking for estate agents online. However, you must meet multiple agents before shortlisting any. Also, do not hire an estate agent just because a friend or family member told you to. Remember, you need to hire someone who you can communicate with openly and honestly, someone who you feel you can trust and most importantly, someone who will be able to sell your home.

3 Start shortlisting agents

Once you have met multiple agents, it is time to start shortlisting agents. When you meet estate agents, ask them questions so that you can assess which agent will be good for you. How does the agent plan to market the property? What value does the agent think your home will fetch? What is their viewing policy? Will he or she be posting the listing online? Also, you need to shortlist agents based on your interaction and comfort level. Was the agent easy to get in touch with? Was the agent easy to talk to? Did the agent listen to your needs and requirements? Based on all these factors, you should shortlist a few agents that you like best.

4 Look out for certain qualities

A good estate agent is someone you trust, someone you can talk to honestly and someone reliable. You want to hire an estate agent who is experienced and has good knowledge of the local market. Also, you want a professional agent, someone who is good at what they do. It is always a good idea to hire local agents as they have a better idea of the local market. Based on these qualities, you should be able to choose the estate agent that best meets your requirements.

5 Ask about the sale process

How does the agent plan to sell your house? Will they post the listing online or market it through newspapers and word of mouth? Will the agent help you stage the interiors to attract more buyers? Will the estate agent help you take pictures of the property to post online? Will the estate agent accompany potential buyers during house viewings? Don’t be afraid to ask questions. At the end of the day, you want an estate agent who will help you through every step of the way, not someone who will only come to collect their commission.

6 Find out about the fees

Usually, an estate agent takes a certain percentage of the sale price as their commission. What commission is the agent going to charge? Are there any additional costs or hidden costs involved? Some estate agents might ask for a fee, while someone might work solely on commission. When it comes to pricing, always remember, the most expensive agent is not always the best, nor is the cheapest agent. A good agent will be clean and honest about the commission and the associated costs if any.

7 Ask for references

Once you have decided which agent or agents you like best, it is always a good idea to ask for references. Get in touch with sellers they have worked with before and find out about their experience with that particular agent. You might find out some information that could surprise you! Also, go online and read reviews about the agents. Of course, you should not believe every review that you read, but online reviews will give you a fair idea about the estate agent.

Once you have done the due diligence, it is time to hire the estate agent that is right for you and your home! If you are looking to hire estate agents to sell your home, get in touch with estate agents in Sydenham.

We hope these tips help you to choose the best realtor. However, if you are in a hurry to sell your home, you can also do it without a real estate agent by selling directly to an investor like The Local House Buyers.



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