How to Quickly Sell Your Arizona Property

August 8, 2021

Selling your house can be one of the most significant financial decisions in your life, and it can be a huge hassle, too. But if you're like some people, you're tired of dealing with the process and, and you're ready to sell your home as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, most people don't know how to sell their property quickly, but there are ways to get the most money possible for your home within a reasonable timeframe so that you can move on with your life.

Sell It For Cash

If you have a motivated buyer, you may be able to sell your house quickly for cash. There are many reasons why homeowners may need to sell their houses quickly for cash. The most common is to purchase another home, but the lender will only approve a loan if the old one is sold first. Other reasons include divorce, foreclosure, or death.

Furthermore, many people find themselves in tax arrears due to unpaid property tax. While Arizona property tax is below the national average, some people simply find themselves unable to pay it and must sell their homes to afford the repayment. Whatever the reason, there are companies that buy houses fast in phoenix, which could help you out and buy your home for cash. The great thing about these home buying services is that they are often prepared to purchase a home in almost any state and for any reason (within legal boundaries). The offer they provide you might be lower than the market price; however, this is offset by the speed at which a sale is made.

Know The Market Value Of Your Property

Before having the property appraised, it is essential to know the market value to have a sense of what you can realistically expect. Local real estate markets are constantly shifting, and the prices for properties can vary dramatically depending on how much demand there is for them. As such, it is crucial to have your property appraised when the market values are relatively stable. Understanding how much your property is worth will go a long way in how efficiently you can sell it. Spending on your location in Arizona, you will find either an increase or decrease in value.

Generally speaking, most homes in and around larger cities have shot up in price, and according to some calculations, homes in the Phoenix area have shot up by over 30% over the past year. If you can afford it, you should get two or three appraisals, as this will give you a far better overview of what you can expect when you sell.

Understand Home Staging And Selling Tactics

Home staging and selling tactics are an essential part of the sales process to lure in buyers. Staging a home lets you highlight its features better and enhance its market value by arranging furnishings and personal items to show off its features better and improve its market value. When selling their property, sellers employ a series of steps or techniques to get the best price for their property.

Staging Tactics

  • Focus on the main rooms: If you have a time and budget deficit, you should focus on those that count. For example, these are typically the bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, and living room. If you have time afterward, you can move onto the other rooms.
  • De-personalize: Try to remove things that make your house your home. If you are in a hurry to sell, you need to make the place hyper-appealing to viewers. If you have too many personal belongings around the area, it is more difficult for potential buyers to visualize it as their own.
  • Get rid of clutter: This is good sense, especially if you need to make a speedy exit. The more mess you have, the longer it will take to move out. Additionally, a messy home is far more challenging to sell than a clean one.
  • Deep clean: If you are strapped for cash, you can do this by yourself, but if you have some money, it is worthwhile hiring a professional service. Whatever you decide, you must ensure that you engage in a deep clean to make the house look new.
  • Repair what needs repairing: Drywall that has been destroyed from door handles, leaky faucets, and anything else that seems to need fixing.
  • Add light to dark rooms: This is an easy task to complete. All you need to do is go around your home and see which rooms are dark and dingy. Add some light to them, and you will boost its appeal massively.
  • Increase the curb appeal: This involves making the exterior of your property look fantastic. It can include cutting the grass, freshening up the flowers and trees, and maybe reapplying paint. When people see the for sale sign, you need as many of them to be interested as possible.

Selling Tactics

  • Have professional photos taken: Either you or the real estate company you are using will need to hire a professional property photographer to take amazing shots of the place. People tend to buy with their eyes, so making your property look appealing from the get-go is a sure-fire way to increase the chances of a quick sale.
  • List your home on many real estate websites: Many people go directly to real estate websites these days, so it pays to have your poverty listed in as many as possible. However, if you have hired a real estate company to sell your home, you will need to check if they allow this.
  • Find a good agent: An excellent real estate agent is worth its weight in gold. Not only will they have an extensive network of contacts that are usually ready to buy immediately, but they are apt at getting an excellent price for your house no matter how quickly you need to sell it.

The speed at which you can sell your property depends on the type of property you have and the property's location. However, if you have a small house and a desirable location, you can expect to get an offer within just a few weeks. Nonetheless, there are certain services that you can use to speed up the sale if you need money fast.

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