Is Getting the Right Locks Enough?

August 10, 2021

Getting the Right Locks

In an effort to protect your home from burglary, you bought a heavy door lock from a trusted manufacturer. This is not enough. For a high degree of protection, you will need to select a system of high-quality locks for the door, the opening of which will take a thief too long to go unnoticed. So, in this article let's know how to choose the right door lock for better security. Read more about getting the right locks.

Types Of Door Locks:

Choosing a lock for your front door, you are looking for a model that matches the appearance of the door. But this is not the main thing in choosing a door lock. An important selection criterion is the degree of protection that a particular model will provide. There are four security classes for door locks. And, no matter how strange it may sound, they differ from each other in the time it takes to open the lock. For detailed information visit here .

There is no lock that cannot be opened without a key, but increasing the opening time is the main task of the manufacturer. Door locks of the first and second classes are suitable for installation only in interior doors, the degree of protection is practically zero. An attacker will need at least 10-15 minutes to open the third class, during which time the security system of an apartment or house will have time to react. The fourth class is the most reliable; an experienced thief will have to tinker with it for more than half an hour to open such a lock.

Mortise locks:

The name speaks for itself, these locks cut into the door leaf. A widespread option, hidden installation for interior doors is an element of decorativeness, for entrance doors, it is a way to detain an intruder.

Overhead locks:

To install such a lock, it is not required to damage the door leaf; installation of the mechanism will not take much time. But in addition to not the most reliable device, the overhead lock spoils the external impression of the door.


They are presented in two parts: a device with a larva and an arch holding the door. It is used to close sheds and garages; it will not be difficult to open such a lock.

Crossbar locks:

They are opened not by scrolling, as in other views, but by pressing on the mechanism. It is rarely used due to the bulkiness of the key and the ease of opening.

Code and electronic locks:

They are used on the doors of entrances, enterprises, garages. They are not installed on the front doors of the apartments. It will not be difficult for a thief to deceive an electrician, therefore the main criterion for choosing such a lock is the blocking function when the power is turned off. What is inconvenient in itself - the lock simply will not open if there is no electricity in the house.

Cylinder locks:

The most common option for the front door. It is opened by lining up small elements in the right combination, after which the cylinder rotates and the door opens. The most difficult to open locks are considered, the key of which has a double-sided perforation.

Lever locks:

Most recently, only banking organizations were equipped with them. Now, this reliable type of castle is used everywhere in apartments. The opening takes place by turning the secret mechanism, the plates of which create the desired combination. A castle with 6-8 levers will provide sufficient protection for the house. The lock is massive and requires an appropriate thickness of the door leaf.

How to choose a lock for your front door?

Experts advise to remember a number of rules when choosing a lock for an entrance door:

  • Reliable protection of the house will be provided by a combination of two locks with different mechanisms. Install a lever lock together with a cylinder lock, and your home will not be opened. Consider having one of the locks have a twist handle inside the apartment to close the door at night.
  • If you want to save money, buy one good lock instead of two bad ones.
  • A quality lock is appropriate for a secure door. Any complexity of the mechanism will not deter a thief if the door is flimsy.
  • Check the quality certificate with the seller before buying.
  • When it comes to protecting your home, property, and the safety of being in your own apartment, the question of saving is not worth it. Buying a cheap lock will turn out to be a double waste and more losses than buying a high-quality door lock at once. Don't skimp on security.

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