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Jose Manalo House: The Los Angeles Pad


Jose Manalo is a Filipino actor and comedian. On the GMA Network he is on a show called Eat Bulaga! This guy is super funny and is known for his great stand up comedy as well. He currently resides in the Philippines. Check out the Jose Manalo house below.

The house has an unknown amount of bedrooms and bathrooms. The house is super modern and offers many balconies. Furthermore, many of the ceilings are super high and make the house seem very airy and breathable. Also, this seems like a great house to hold a big party at. Jose can definitely have his friends and family over for a great time here.

He lives in Quezon City, Philippines which is just north and east of Manila. This area is only 20-30 minutes from the city center of the capital of the Philippines. Also, this area seems really cool and has a lot of different types of housing. Jose has a very nice house compared to many of the other homes in the Manila area. Finally, this seems like a cool area to visit someday, right?

Specifications: Jose Manalo House

Bedrooms: N/A

Bathrooms: N/A

Square Feet: N/A

Jose Manalo Address: Quezon City, Philippines

Jose Manalo Net Worth: $2 Million

Photos: Jose Manalo House

Jose Manalo House Jose Manalo House Jose Manalo House


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