Moving to Sydney: Four Factors That Will Have You Packing Your Bags

August 14, 2021

Taking the jump and moving to Sydney could very well be the chance of a lifetime for you, and so it is vital that you familiarise yourself with what is available to you from the get-go. No matter what age you are or the lifestyle you live, the city has so much to offer.

One of the largest cities and the capital of New South Wales, Sydney has it all.

There are a range of things to get up to, from the obvious to the obscure. The city has much more than just brilliant beaches and amazing weather, so you’ll never be bored – and if this move is a spur of the moment choice, then there will be one part of the city that ensures you’ve made the right choice.

Now, although this article may be looking at what the city has to offer you, that doesn’t mean you can skip out on the essential aspects of moving abroad.

Before you pack your bags and jump on that plane, there is a list of documents and checks you must go through; this includes visas and work permits (as well as ensuring you have an organised and secure paper trail to verify the documents), finding the best travel insurance that suits your needs, travel documents for any pets coming with you, and more.

Moving abroad can be a tough experience, but it will only be worse if you aren’t properly prepared.

Assuming you have all of that taken care of, you can begin to focus on the aspects of Sydney that you can’t wait to explore as a new city resident.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Ask anyone to visualise Sydney and we reckon that the vast majority of people would probably think of the Sydney Harbour Bridge first. It is an iconic steel arched bridge structure with an attitude of grandeur about it. View from afar or choose to take the Manly Ferry crossing to see it from a very different angle.

Used by commuters on a daily basis, this journey really is an eye opening one far beyond a simple commute. By moving to the city, you will no doubt have a greater appreciation for the structure than those who have grown up with it on their doorstep.

Sydney Opera House

Although it is a major tourist attraction, the Opera House is an award-winning and instantly recognisable architectural masterpiece, even for the city residents.

With shows happening there every single week, indulging in a visit to watch a play or soak up the atmosphere of a contemporary musical is certainly worth doing. If this appeals to you, and you imagine that you could frequent the Opera House regularly, then you could indulge in an Insider membership to get discounts and a range of exclusive offers.

In addition to the various shows, there are also opportunities to join a tour of the building, learning more about what goes on there as well as the history. This will be a must-do for any theatre fans moving to the city.

Dharawal National Park

Situated around an hour away from Sydney’s central business district is the Dharawal National Park, a protected area filled with amazing natural beauty.

Every second Saturday of the month, the area’s restrictions are lifted and guided tours can be taken around the bushland. An Aboriginal Discovery Ranger will lead the tour and share knowledge about the natural beauty as well as Dreamtime stories connected to the area.

But if you are a keen animal lover, or you just appreciate nature, then volunteering at the National Park might be an option for you. There are a range of conservation programmes as well as activities related to bushfire recovery, which includes helping injured wildlife and learning more about the recovery efforts already made.

Food and Drink

When it comes to food, there is an array of amazing options for you in Sydney. You have almost every cuisine from around the world on offer, so you can get a taste of home no matter where you’re from. With everything from European-style bistros to Japanese bars, bakeries to breweries, it’s unlikely you will ever need the use of an oven again.

While Sydney used to be filled to the brim with high-end - and highly priced – restaurants, there has been an influx of smaller establishments. Hidden away spots, like Lankan Filling Station – a garage once upon a time – and the worth searching for Love Tilly Devine, have brought a quirky and more intimate edge to the city.

But if you are hoping for a taste of Oz, there is no chance of being disappointed. There are a range of great places to eat and drink around the city; so many places in fact, you will have a tough time trying them all.

Final Words

Now that you have everything sorted – bags packed, documents sorted, etc. – you’re making the move many people wish they could do. It might be a daunting to begin with, but that will soon fade as you immerse yourself in your new city.

Sydney really does have it all, and you finally have the chance to start exploring it.


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