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Mr Krabs House: The Bikini Bottom Pad


Mr. Krabs, whose first name is Eugene, is an amazing character in the TV show SpongeBob. Secondly, Clancy Brown is the name of the guy who does the character’s voice. He is known for owning the amazing restaurant the Krusty Krab. People from all over Bikini Bottom come to eat here in the show. Check out Mr. Krabs house below.

The house has two bedrooms and a bathroom over nearly 2,000 square feet of space. The home is pretty cool based on what we could see from the SpongeBob series. Furthermore,  The place is three stories high and offers a basement and cellar. Furthermore, Mr. Krabs lives here with Pearl, his pretty daughter who is literally a sperm whale. It kind of makes no sense that his daughter is a whale when he is a crab, but that is exactly why we love the show.

Bikini Botttom seems like a great neighborhood to raise a kid and generally is safe. Moreover, there are many opportunities in this amazing city that is apparently located under the Marshall Islands in the Pacific Ocean.

Specifications: Mr Krabs House

Bedrooms: 2

Bathrooms: 1

Square Feet: 1,000+ sqft

Mr Krabs Address: 2219 Anchor Street, Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean

Mr Krabs Net Worth: $5 Million

Photos: Mr Krabs House

Mr Krabs House

Mr Krabs House


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