Packaging Solutions for Small and Fragile Products

August 3, 2021

Companies all across the US are looking for packaging solutions that are visually appealing and can be used in a plethora of different ways with the addition of providing security to the products placed within. Since the transport of products from one place to another is likely to cause some damage to the product placed inside the box. Therefore, the boxes have to be designed specially to provide maximum protection to the product placed inside. Packaging Design Agency London could be a great consideration if you are looking for the best packaging agency around UK.

The same concern is given the utmost priority when the packaging of Literature mailer boxes is concerned. These literature mailer boxes are used for many purposes, i.e., packaging books, documents, encase promotional pamphlets and supporting products, and many more. The products inside these custom literature mailers are not so fragile that they might get defaced due to external wear and tear. Whereas the material used in books, magazines, documents, etc., needs to be protected from outside moisture, dampness, etc., to retain its original properties.

The cardboard or corrugated custom literature mailers are designed so that they do not let external factors like the ones mentioned above interact with the products placed inside the boxes. This, in turn, ensures to protect the product completely.

Whilst these characteristics of literature mailer boxes might be rather common among all the packaging companies across the US, one packaging company distinguishes itself from all other companies due to several additional factors it adds to the custom literature mailer boxes than the ones mentioned above.

The Legacy Printing can provide literature mailer boxes that are aesthetically pleasing due to an exceptional creative team and graphic designers. These teams work together to create a charming mailer box design, fits the products to be placed inside, and has beguiling prints on the cover. The color scheming used on the box is carefully selected by the graphic designers and artists, making the print and the box stand out amongst others.

With all these factors, such literature mailer boxes are also made completely environment-friendly and recyclable. There is no compulsion to use additional products like plastic tape or adhesives to close the box. Whereas the closings of the boxes are designed in such a manner that there is no need for any additional support.

What is the Best Packaging Solution for Small Products?

Yes, you have found the perfect packaging solution for the packaging of your literature products, i.e., books, magazines, etc. But what if you are faced with the concern of the packaging of even smaller products like a beauty product or a luxury item etc. Because it is easier for these smaller products to lose their charm and appeal in many bigger products, there is a need for these products to be encased in such a packaging box that has an eccentric appeal to them.

The aforementioned company's creative team, upon in-depth research and problems of packaging solutions associated with different products, have come up with perfect solutions for the packaging of small products. This solution is what is known as the ‘Box sleeve packaging’.

This box sleeve packaging has two parts. One part is the bottom of the box which contains the product, and the other part is the sleeve itself. The bottom part of the box is designed to provide sufficient support and protection to the products placed inside. Sometimes the products inside might be fragile, i.e., in the case of luxury products. Therefore, the inside of the bottom of the box stacked with cardboard or kraft paper provides maximum protection to the product inside.

The enclosing of the box is either designed in a drawer-style or a pull and push style, with a ribbon or a finger notch on end. The design elements make the packaging seem interesting to the customer so as to compel them to at least the product once. The design printed on the sleeve can provide companies with sufficient space to embody their marketing and branding strategies.

A Packaging Mentor:

Since every product is different, so it's packaging also needs to be different. Many packaging companies across the US merely present the customer with what they demand, excluding any further assistance. On the other hand, The Legacy Printing understands that sometimes even the clients might not completely understand the dynamics of the packaging box and might need assistance from experts.

Therefore, the creative and customer support team at the company provides free assistance and direction to the clients and can reach an end product that conforms to what the clients desire and fits perfectly with the characteristics and mood of the product.

The company pays high regard to client satisfaction and has put some policies that manifest such a vision. Firstly, the clients are given the authority and the opportunity to ask for as much revision as they want before the production of packaging boxes in bulk. This policy helps the client attain a design that they already had in mind and perfectly fits the product.

Secondly, the company also has a quality check policy in place. Before delivering the packaging boxes produced in mass units, all of the boxes are checked individually to take out any defaulted pieces and therefore provide the customer with the best quality packaging boxes.

But this is just the gist of what makes the company one of the most prestigious companies in the US. Other factors include the provision of its services all across the US. No matter where you are, The Company is readily available to deliver your packaging boxes. Unlike other packaging companies in the US, the company also does not require you to order the units in bulk to start their production. If you are a starting business and need a financially feasible packaging solution, the company will take your order even if it is just 100 units.


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