Reasons And Benefits Of Weatherstripping Your Garage Door

August 16, 2021

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Weatherstripping on your garage door plays a vital role in keeping the elements out of your home. The garage door has a bottom seal to prevent the entry of dirt, water, and other debris, but the seals can wear out over time. The seal also keeps the garage cool during the summer season and warm during winter.

Types Of Weatherstripping

Once you discover a water leak, it's a clear indication that it's time to replace the weatherstripping in your garage door. If you overlook this task, the stripping will continue to deteriorate and can’t provide adequate protection. If you want to ensure reliable garage door services, checking out and others would greatly help.

Here are the different types of weatherstripping:

  • PVC stop molding. It’s a common choice for sealing the top and sides of a garage door. It’s installed on the borders of the frame to ensure a good seal in the enclosure.
  • Vinyl flaps. You can install vinyl flaps on the sides and top of the door.
  • Rubber, brush, or vinyl strips. You can slide these into place or secure them with screws. These are suitable for doors with aluminum retaining tracks on the base. You can unfasten and slide the strips out when replacement is necessary.

There are also other seals you can nail directly into the garage door base as a permanent fixture.

Importance Of Weatherstripping Your Garage Door

Providing weatherstripping to your garage door can have several benefits such as keeping out the weather elements, lowering your utility bills, minimizing noise, and improving your home's comfort. Here are the reasons why weatherstripping is crucial for your garage door:

1. Protection Against Elements

Always remember that water damage in your garage is likely to occur if you lack proper weatherstripping. The water will seep through below the garage door and rapidly spread over the ground, damaging the items you have on the floor.

As the water starts to evaporate, the condensation will try to escape and damage your vehicles and any electronics present in the garage. The condensation can also build up around the windows and allow the growth of mold over time. The mold is likely to spread all over your home and often requires an extensive renovation to eliminate the health risks involved.

Sealing the garage door with weatherstripping can effectively protect your home and belongings. The weatherstripping provides a sturdy seal to keep out the elements, even during heavy storms. If you want to avoid potential water damage to your home, the weatherstripping of your garage door must be a priority.

Corrugated metal sheet,Slide door ,Roller shutter texture

2. Lowers Utility Bills And Improves Insulation

Once there's a gap in the garage door due to lack of weatherstripping, cold air during the winter and warm air during summer can enter your home. The presence of these can cause the cooling and heating system in your home to work harder, resulting in skyrocketing utility bills.

Over time, you'll face costly maintenance once your air conditioning unit develops problems such as cycling on and off frequently. The drafts can also make the garage uncomfortable due to the temperature difference from the rest of your home.

Installing weatherstripping on the garage door will prevent the entry of drafts. You’ll notice a drop in your utility bills in no time.

3. Prevents Entry Of Insects And Rodents

If you're facing insect and rodent issues in your home, the culprit is no other than the lack of sealing in your garage door. Pests can readily infiltrate your home via the small gaps in the door.

Always remember that the garage door serves as your defense against these pests. Once they infiltrate your garage, they can quickly enter the rest of your home. Insects and rodents can multiply rapidly, and your home might end up with an infestation.

The installation of weatherstripping in your garage door is the best way to ensure pests won’t enter your home.

4. Limits Damage To Your Garage Door

If you have durable weatherstripping in your garage door, it's likely to last for a long time, requiring only minor repairs. The weatherstripping will protect the garage door from the entry of pests and exposure to the elements that typically damage the structure and mechanism of the door over time.

Additionally, the weatherstripping also protects your garage door if it slams shut by serving as a padded cushion. If you want the garage door to work optimally for many years, weatherstripping is the key.


The installation of weatherstripping in your garage door is a crucial task to keep your home safe from the elements, prevent pests' entry, improve insulation, and lower your utility bill. As part of routine maintenance, regularly check the weatherstripping for signs of wear. Timely replacement will keep the garage interior in good shape and lengthen the lifespan of your garage door.


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