Safety Tips For Home Renovations And Improvements

August 12, 2021

Are you planning to renovate your home and improve its structure? Well, these ambitions are shared by 90% of Americans, while 40% plan to refurbish their dwellings in the next two years. So, which age group seems to be more interested in domestic improvements? You’d probably respond to the query by saying “millennials” because they constitute the largest house-buying demographic in the USA right now. Wrong! In 2019, only 6% of millennials renovated their homes while 58% of Americans aged 55+ renovated houses two years ago. That’s why we believe you must learn about safety tips before embarking on a DIY home renewal project. Consider the suggestions mentioned below.

Safety tips for people renovating their home

It’s better to leave construction projects to qualified workers. Since building/renovating homes is one of the most dangerous occupations globally, workers often encounter accidents while refurbishing houses. These accidents include falling from heights, getting hit by falling objects, being stuck between two items, and other machinery-related mishaps. In more straightforward projects, the chances of getting hurt aren’t negligible either. Don’t forget that men in their 50s are more vulnerable than other demographics to hurting themselves during domestic repair projects. How do you ensure your safety while renovating the house in this case? Just follow our simple recommendations and finish the task without a wound.

  1. Check for asbestos

Before renovating your home, check for harmful substances like lead, mold, mildew, and asbestos. Don’t disturb asbestos-containing products/materials without proper planning. Some experts believe that even a few hours of exposure to this mineral has deadly consequences. You should learn about mesothelioma, its different stages, and possible treatment options in case you feel you’ve been exposed to it. So, don’t mess with stuff containing this cancer-causing mineral. Always check for asbestos before you start tearing down the insulation. Have a professional do it for you.

2. Beware of fumes

Construction material often creates unpleasant odors and irritating fumes. These smells sometimes make the air around you unbreathable. Glues, paints, and cleaners emit these smells. So, the obvious solution lies in wearing facemasks while working with cement, plaster, or products that contain harmful chemicals. But getting a full-face respirator gives your lungs extra protection. Also, you must ventilate the entire house and work with hazardous materials with open doors/windows.

3. Get the kit

You should always keep a first-aid kit in your house even where there’s no renovation project under consideration. It enables you to treat minor injuries before they turn into serious infections. So, ensure that you have a well-stocked first-aid kit that’s easily accessible during emergencies. Running to get this kit shouldn’t take much time; otherwise, the wound may deteriorate. This kit must also contain sterile eye/gauze dressings, rolled/triangular bandages, disposable gloves, and tweezers.

4. Separate living quarters

It’s essential to separate your living quarters while the house undergoes some major renovations. Many homeowners don’t have the luxury to switch homes while refurbishing their current one. Therefore, you can create a reno-free zone where your family resides. Create cocoons that shelter one portion of the house from others. You can bring your pets inside that shelter if nobody volunteers to keep them. Ensure that this zone contains everything from clothes to beddings you need to survive.

5. Ensure proper ventilation

Americans spend nearly 90% of their time indoors, and your domestic climate isn’t as fresh as you may think. Even if there’s no construction project underway, you must find ways to improve the quality of air inside your house. The solution lies in ensuring proper ventilation by hiring well-experienced HVAC contractors. Also, set up oscillating fans during the remodeling. It makes the airborne particles escape your house, thereby making the space breathable for your family.

6. Buy a ladder

Don’t underestimate the importance of a reliable ladder in your household. A report published two years ago shows that impaired ladders lead to 200,000 ER visits annually, while 300 people lose their lives. Now, which ladder you’ll choose depends on the nature of the job you have undertaken. For jobs that require a few minutes, you should go with a standing-platform ladder. Otherwise, get one standalone ladder for lengthy chores. Just don’t invest in a cheap ladder and prioritize your safety.

7. Always use scaffolding

Many accidents happen with homeowners when they’re trying to reach high places while carrying heavy pieces of equipment. But scaffolding prevents these accidents from happening that often. People can even fall off scaffolding, so you must be careful while working on heights. For homeowners busy with DIY projects, the ring-lock frame seems like a suitable option since you can install this device without using nuts/bolts.

8. Gear up properly

Don’t embark upon DIY domestic remodeling projects without gearing up properly. Get your hands on the protective equipment crucial to ensure the worker’s safety during renovations. It includes masks, gloves, helmets, safety belts/harnesses, and several other wearables. Don’t forget to protect your eyes/hands from getting injured by hazardous materials. Get the right wardrobe for your entire body especially, and don’t forget to purchase some safety shoes for walking unharmed.

9. Seek professional assistance

Stay away from jobs that require plumbing or electrical expertise since only professionals should handle these responsibilities. Also, if you find the renovation project overwhelming, don’t hesitate to hire qualified construction workers to finish the job! You can find thousands of contractors online with proper licenses and satisfactory references. So, don’t create a dangerous situation for yourself. Just get some professional assistance to make the DIY project more secure for your entire family.

10. Clean your house

In the end, you should clean every nook and cranny of your house. If it’s affordable, outsource deep cleaning services by hiring professional cleaners. But homeowners sometimes assume that it’ll be more efficient to clean the house after the project’s completion. However, it’s better to clean it occasionally while remodeling continues. This way, you can ensure that there’s less dust for your family members to inhale and less trash to trip over. Keep a clean home and don’t allow junk to accumulate during renovations.


Why do Americans attempt to renew their houses? In 2019, the Remodeling Impact report surveyed some homeowners and asked about their reasons for conducting domestic renovations. It turns out that 74% of Americans feel a “greater desire” to reside in their homes after remodeling them. But a massive 77% enjoys a sense of accomplishment after these projects. No wonder experts suggest homeowners renovate their houses every 15-20 years after evaluating the building. Therefore, don’t neglect self-protection before you start breaking/building things inside your humble abode. And considering the safety tactics we’ve mentioned above will ensure this project gets finished without any major accident.

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