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August 6, 2021



You might currently be in the southern Californian home market looking to sell a house as soon as you can, with suitable options. California real estate is perhaps the biggest in the US, as they’ve got some of the highest tenancy rates and median property values for the past few years.

With a market as boisterous as that, you can expect that there are more buyers and sellers than you can begin to count. However, more players in the southern Californian real estate market only means that there are more choices to make, factors to consider, and pitfalls to avoid.

So, where do you turn when you wish to sell a property in Southern California? Let’s show you why Property Escape is worth your consideration in a sea of real estate agencies available.

Below are some of the essential services you can expect from the agency, which could make your property sale more seamless:

About Property Escape

We began our journey with Property Escape with a deep, well-thought-out purpose. At the time, we found the agency primarily because of the prevalent homeowners’ plights. People didn’t get enough options when they tried to sell their property.

A real estate agent listing was the only way, and that came with a lot of paperwork, appraisals, and hoops. It could be a real hustle at some point, and we wanted to change that.

Another peculiar problem is the sellers’ agent selection process. A study showed that about 77% of the property seller population in the states would settle for the first realtor or agency they find.

This exposes them to a subpar experience, as there won’t be any comparison to determine what service offers the most value

These are real issues we wanted to solve, which is why we pooled decades of experience and created an agency that makes the sales process a lot easier overall.

We give sellers as much leverage and opportunities as necessary and encourage them to consider other options and make a comparison. We buy houses in Southern California and support various sales terms and deadlines the sellers might have.

Main Services You can Expect at Property Escape

While we buy houses locally from people seeking to sell, our service portfolio is a bit more diverse as we understand that sale requirements and conditions vary from seller to seller. Below are some of our primary property sales services that are available for prospects who need them:

Sales Consultation

We offer industry advice for when you want to sell your house easily for cash. In a vibrant and highly volatile real estate market such as California, certain factors draw the line on what’s a successful deal and what’s not.

Therefore, we give essential guides and recommendations, such as the right time to sell during a year and payment modes for property sales. A part of the service exists on our real estate blogs, while you could visit us in person for more.

Mortgaged House Sale

Have you got a mortgaged house you want to sell? We’ve got the correct methods and applications to ensure that you dispose of the house in a legally recognized way. Also, we’d help with clause activations and other agreement terms in the mortgage to ensure that you get the most out of the deal.

Furthermore, our services also cover niche property financing, such as a reverse mortgage. We buy houses under a reverse mortgage with the appropriate valuations and appraisal requirements.

Circumstantial Property Sale

If you want to sell a property due to divorce, death, or any other circumstance, we are on hand to facilitate the sale. We would also apply the current respective California laws to ensure the deal goes smoothly.

How to Get Started with Us

We follow the applicable property standards as we try to kick the sales process into gear. Thankfully, we’ve also streamlined the steps so that sellers get a quick deal regardless of the property type they’ve got. Below are our convenient 4-step approach to selling a property with us:

Contact Us

We genuinely think that you would be saving yourself considerable stress when you get in touch with us. Contacting us is the first step to help us come to terms with the house you’re about to sell.

Property Escape is an agency that cuts down on unnecessary realtor collaborations and confusing listings. What’s more, we are willing to buy your property regardless of the type or conditions. You can tell us about your property by filling a form on our website at or give us a call.

A Quick Tour Around the Property

Once we establish correspondence with you, we would schedule a visit to the property you wish to sell and send our team to the location for a brief tour. It is a part of our policy for us to give you a fair cash offer.

On tour, we look out for the property’s cosmetic state, structure, and other relevant factors. We take these data, compare them with similar listings on the market at the time, and the insights we derive would inform our cash offer.

No-Obligations Cash Offer

The next step for us is to give you our no-obligation cash offer based on our property valuation. Typically, we send you the request immediately after our quick tour around the house - give or take an hour.

Bear in mind that it’s a no-obligations offer, meaning that you don’t have to pay a commission or agree to it. However, we would cater to the closing costs should you decide to take our offer.

Choose a Closing Date

When you accept our purchase offer, we set the rest of the deal in motion. At Property Escape, we skip the lengthy house inspections, appraisals, and other application processes. We allow you to choose a closing date most suitable for you and make complete payment at the end of the deal.

You also won’t have to worry about marketing the house or pay commissions to agents. Our purchase process is seamless, convenient, and quick from start to finish.

Wrapping Up

Selling a house in a busy real estate market such as California’s presents several scenarios which could easily confuse the seller. Although it is more convenient to find a buyer for your house, the risk of picking the wrong sales service is much more significant in the market.

The above are some reasons why you should consider Property Escape. Also, it highlights how much you can save for yourself if you’ve got only a few steps to complete the sale. With us, You don’t have to spend a lot of money as you try to sell the property.


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