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Simple Solutions for Keeping Rodents Out of Your Attic

Rodents can be attracted to many things in your attic, and they’ll be a nuisance when they are there. Once you have them there, you need to find ways to get rid of them and keep them from ever coming back. You may go for the pest control route, but that doesn’t eliminate the problem. It will only be a temporary solution as they will only deal with what they see. Here are some of the answers to use to keep rodents off your attic for good.

Insulation Removal

The first step you need to take is insulation removal. Here, you’ll be getting to find out the entry points – vulnerable entry areas when you don’t have any rodents yet. You will also be getting rid of their waste and pushing them off your attic. It would help if you also disinfected the area they left their waste – it can be a useless affair when you don’t remove the debris and disinfect the room properly. By removing the trash, it means you are keeping the other from being attracted to the site. You will also be disinfecting the area as these rodents can transmit germs through their urine and feces. In addition, they may cause diseases such as Lyme disease, Hantavirus, and Salmonella, among others.


It would help if you then sanitized again after you have done the first part of the insulation. The feces and urine will affect the air quality if you leave the area without proper sanitation. It will also neutralize the rodent scent, and they won’t find their way back. Rodents are pretty territorial, and they won’t want to be there any longer when you interfere with their scent. So they’ll try to find a new area to settle, which will cause less damage to your attic.

Rodent Proofing

You now need to rodent-proof the attic after you have cleared out the space. There are solutions that pest control Point Cook offers to remove unwanted critters from your attic space, sealing up entry points after the pests have been removed is the most appropriate next step. During the insulation phase, you also checked for the vulnerable areas of the attic where the rodents come through. It would help if you now sealed those areas fully. Once you have changed the scent in the attic and the rodent is trying to find a new place to go, you need to seal all entry points. Some of the areas you need to check and pack include the house footers, gutter, and pipes.

Air Sealing

It would help if you now blocked the areas between the attic and the living room. This should ensure that there is no air transfer in the attic. You need to check for the small spaces where air may leak in and block them. You can also bring heated air into the room and take away all the cold air around the room.

New Insulation

Lastly, you need to re-insulate the attic once again according to the energy efficiency code. You may need an upgrade to ensure that you’re up to code if rodents are in the room. Furthermore, these tips will help you save on the high bills you may be facing.

Solutions to Keep Rodents or Other Pests Out of Attic!

These are some of the few ways you can ensure that you don’t have rodents in your house for good. Seek to use them anytime you feel like you have rodents in your attic.



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