Tame the Data Cables in Your Office or Data Center With These Tips

August 11, 2021

Are you feeling like your office or data center is being overrun with data cables?

All the different electronic devices we use are designed to make our life easier and more streamlined. However, all of the devices you use come with power cords and other corded accessories.

This can easily result in a tangled mess of cords that seem to slowly expand and cover every area in your office or data center. When your working space is cluttered, you can experience anxiety, easily become distracted, and have a hard time being productive.

For these reasons, managing your cables and cords is essential. If you are ready to reclaim your space and organize your cables and cords, this short and simple guide is for you.

Start by Separating Cords and Cables

The first step for effective cable management is to separate your cords and cables. This is a great first step because you won’t be able to organize or manage your cords if they are a tangled mess.

Determine What Cords You Need

Next, you need to determine what cords you need. Chances are, you have power cords for devices you no longer use, cables that don’t fit any of your devices, and more. Make sure every cable and cord you have fits a device you use.

Label Each Cord and Cable

The next step is to label each cord and cable. You should label the actual cord and the plug. This will help you keep each cable neat and organized.

Consider Black Trunking

If you want to get rid of your cable clutter, consider black trunking. This is a system that can hide all of your cables in one easy-to-use channel. Instead of unsightly cords and cables, you will have one tunnel-like item to manage.

Use a Hanging Cord Bundler

Another way to organize data cables is to use a hanging cord bundler. This is a device you can attach to the wall and loop your cables around. A hanging cord bundler will keep your cables off the ground while also keeping them tidy.

Purchase a Cable Station

If you want to reduce your cable clutter, consider purchasing a data center cable station. This is a small item that has several places to snap in your cable cords and keep them all organized.

Maintain Your Organizational System

Once you have created an organizational system for your cables and cords, it’s important to maintain your system. Organizing all of your cables can be a time-consuming process, one you should only have to complete once. For this reason, make sure you are maintaining any cable systems you create.

Use These Tips to Organize Your Data Cables

By using these tips, you can manage and organize your data cables and cords.

Start by separating your cords and cables and determining what you need and what you can throw away. You should also label each cable and cord, consider black trunking, finding a cable ladder system for sale or use a hanging cord bundler. Consider purchasing a cable station and make sure to maintain the organizational changes you made.

Follow these tips to prevent cable cord clutter.

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