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The Value of K-Guard Gutters


Your home’s gutter system is a key part of protecting your house and property from the rain. Even if you have an existing gutter system, you should consider updating to the K-Guard Gutter System for a more efficient and effective way to keep your residence safe from the weather. Here are some comparisons of K-Guard gutters versus other solutions and other advantages they offer.

K-Guard Versus Open Top

A lot of homes have open gutters as a default gutter drainage system. Let’s compare the K-Guard Gutter Systems vs. open top gutters and see which system offers your home the most complete protection. A key flaw with the design of open gutters is that they are exposed to other hazards besides water that they are not designed to deal with. Open gutters can easily become damaged by falling debris, limbs, and other common outdoor hazards. Another issue is that open gutters can easily become clogged with leaves and twigs, which can block drainage and lead to water damage. Finally, animals can easily nest in open gutters including incests and pest animals such as rats, snakes, and raccoons.

K-Guard Verses Gutter Screens

One method used to protect existing gutter systems is to install gutter screens. While this solution can protect your gutters from some types of debris, it is often not a complete solution. While screens can block debris such as larger limbs, acorns, and pinecones they often let smaller debris pass through and clog the gutter system below. Leaves, moss, pollen, and other smaller objects can still bypass a screen, reducing the overall effectiveness. In addition, smaller insects can often pass through the screen as well. K-Guard gutters are designed to block all types of hazards while still letting water through and offer a far more complete solution than installing screens.

K-Guard Verses Added Covers

Another solution is to install gutter covers to an existing gutter system. While this can help protect your open gutters by closing them off these after-market guards also have downsides. The main issue is how such aftermarket guards are installed. To install third-party gutter guards on top of an existing gutter system, you often have to attach them to the roof of your home. Such systems can easily damage your shingles and lead to leaks possible damage. As an all-in-one system, K-Guard gutters attach the same way as traditional gutters do and have a far lower chance of damaging your home.

Other K-Guard Advantages

When comparing the various gutter solutions on the market, K-Guard Gutters offers many advantages to homeowners.

  • Larger Drainage Capacity: K-Guard gutters are larger than many traditional gutter systems, allowing them to hold and transport greater amounts of water making for a more efficient system.
  • An All-In-One Solution: K-Guard gutters are also an all-in-one piece with no need to install existing protection on top of an existing gutter system. This makes for an easier installation and ensures your gutters work properly and are fully protected.
  • No Damage To Your Shingles: when you install a K-Guard system you don’t have to worry about your roof shingles as K-Guard attaches to rafter tails and fascia board leaving your roof unharmed.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing: K-Guard gutters are custom-fit and designed to be installed on your home in a way that’s pleasing to the eye and compliments your home’s design and style.
  • Protected From the Elements: finally, K-Guard gutters are designed to protect your gutters from outside debris and pests ensuring your gutters stay clean, unclogged, and continue to safely remove water from your roof.

Final Thoughts

Your home is an investment and one of the most valuable things you own. You want to keep your home safe and having a functional gutter system is an important part of that. A K-Guard Gutter System offers an efficient solution for your roof drainage needs.


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