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Tyronn Lue House: The Las Vegas Mansion

Introduction to Tyronn Lue

Tyronn Lue is a professional basketball coach and former player for the Los Angeles Clippers within the NBA. Starting off, Tyronn played basketball in college for the Nebraska Cornhuskers. He then briefly played for the Denver Nuggets in 1998. Shortly after he was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers. Check out the Tyronn Lue house below.

Firstly, the house has nine bedrooms and six bathrooms over 7,000 square feet of space. First of all, this house is massive! It is very Las Vegas with clay tiled roofing, brown plaster and skylights that look like they belong in a casino. Additionally, this home has gone through a lot since it was first built in 1975. The pool in the backyard is next level with a 1-story tall waterfall. Furthermore, the kitchen is nicely done with granite counters as well. This house gives off a fully customized feeling with luxury everywhere. Just the back-house is larger than the neighbor’s entire house!

Tyronn’s house is nicely located West of downtown Vegas in a quiet neighborhood street. This is definitely the largest home on the black by far. Tyronn also has a home back in Ohio that is much more humble in comparison to this one. Overall, this house is perfect for the NBA star.

Specifications: Tyronn Lue House

Bedrooms: 9

Bathrooms: 6

Square Feet: 7,488 sqft

Price: $1.5 Million in 2008, now almost double!

Tyronn Lue Address: Las Vegas, NV 89117

Tyronn Lue Net Worth: $30 Million

Photos: Tyronn Lue House

Tyronn Lue

Tyronn Lue

Tyronn Lue


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