What Are The Best ADU Types?

August 17, 2021


As you do more research on ADUs, you are going to discover that there is more than one type of ADU for you to choose from. Each has its own set of benefits and drawbacks associated with building and using them. So, what are the best ADU types for you?

Garage ADUs Are Cost-Effective

The most common and cost-effective type of ADUs is a garage conversion. Garage conversion costs are lower than building other types of ADUs because you already have a pre-existing structure. Plus, most of the time people already have electricity and possibly water hooked up to their garages.

The only issue with a garage conversion is that you are taking away your place to park your car and depending on what shape the garage is in, it may need severe repairs before it is capable of being lived in.

Detached ADUs Offer Privacy

Detached ADUs are the most expensive ADUs because they involve building the unit from the ground up. You need to run new plumbing and electricity lines along with the development of a whole new structure.

The benefit of detached ADUs is that they offer the occupants the privacy they may desire. This is best when you are planning to rent out your home to strangers or even friends. That way, they can still feel like they have their own privacy.

Also, when you build a detached ADU, you can design it to look however you want, unlike with a garage conversion that already has a set frame.

Attached ADUs Are Great For Family

Attached ADUs use a wall of your existing home as a wall of the ADU. Thus making them a little more cost-effective than detached ADUs but with a lot less privacy for the occupants.

However, these types of ADUs work great for aging parents or kids looking to leave home but are not quite there yet. They offer some form of privacy and independence, while still allowing for the main residents to keep a close eye on the ADU occupants.

Internal ADUs have similar benefits to attached ADUs except they are cheaper because they exist within the home and the privacy is much less.

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